5 Things You Also Become When You Become a Cat Mom

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If you have followed many of my posts, you know that I am completely a cat person. We got my cat, Tails, about 8 years ago, and ever since then he has been my big furry baby. I always knew that I was a cat person, as we always had cats when I was growing up at my parents house. But what I didn’t know, is what it was like to be the “Cat Mom”… You know, the one who actually cares for, feeds, cleans up after and keeps the pet alive (along with doing the same for all of the human family members in the house). 
Here are 5 things that I became when my fur baby entered our home and I became a cat mom for the first time:

1. One of the “cool kids”- You can tell just by the look on your cat’s face that he is very selective ab
out the people he chooses to share his companionship with. As the cat mom you are likely to be that one and only person. Yes, in a family of many other humans (including kids who try to shower him with gifts and treats) he only chooses you. As a cat mom, I’m not going to lie, it really makes you feel a bit of elitism over the rest of the family. It kind of feels like the most popular guy at school asked you to the prom… Every single day! 
2. A morning person- If you want to learn to become a morning person, become a cat mom. If you have always said to yourself “I really want to start waking up about 20 minutes before my alarm is due to go off….every day… Including weekends” then become a cat mom. Believe me, the instinct to get more sleep is much less appealing when you are being kneaded like a lump of human bread dough by your loving cat.
3. A pet photographer- The minute that you become a cat mom, you instinctively know that all of your followers on Facebook and Instagram have been waiting on baited breath to see adorable photos of your new fur-baby. So in an attempt to capture the cuteness that embodies your cat, you quickly find yourself as a budding pet photographer. You try all of your best techniques to draw out his inner-model with treats and his favorite toys, but alas, despite your best efforts, you usually end up with photos of his butt. 
4. A cat litter connoisseur- as the cat mom, odds are that you are going to be the one doing the “dirty work” of keeping the litter box clean. Sure, when you first talk of getting a cat, everyone promises to pitch in and help with it. That lasts about a week. So, as you are left to your duties of cleaning up “doodies”, you quickly become a cat litter connoisseur. You know that if you aren’t selective, you will know it. And by “know it” I mean walk-into-the-house-after-a-long-day-and-the stench-hits-you-like-a-brick-to-the-nose kind of knowledge. 
So here’s a little advice from one cat mom to another: Find an amazing odor blocking cat litter. I was recently so excited (yes, I get excited over cat litter) to be shopping at Target and find an amazing new cat litter, NEW Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™. I love Fresh Step® cat litter for its awesome clumping action and odor control and I love keeping my house fresh with the scent of Febreze, so why wouldn’t this cat mom be excited that they are partnering together to bring us a truly odor blocking formula. They also have come up with a lower dust formula vs their previous formula. Between 3/2 and 3/6 buy 2 boxes of the NEW Fresh Step® with the Power of Febreze™ Available at Target, and get a $5 Target gift card! I’ll use that to buy more cat toys and treats, thank you very much! 
5. A crazy cat lady- you see it happen to others, but you never think it will happen to you. It starts with having a huge basket of cat toys, then a Facebook album dedicated to your cat. You start reading funny blog posts about cats, then you start writing a few yourself. And one day you realize it… You are a crazy cat lady! But that’s ok, go cuddle your “Mr. Biggie Wiggy Tails Boy” and suddenly, you really don’t care! 

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