Made to Matter Products for Tweens


Made to Matter Products for Your Tween: products you can trust!

Have you got a Tween at your house? I sure do. Actually, I have a few of them. It seems that Tweens are getting younger and younger, or at least some of the qualities that go along with being a Tween. My Big boy will be a teen before the end of this year, and my twin boys are just a couple years away from being teens. I’m noticing lots of bodily changes in my big boy – voice changing, blond whiskers on upper lip and some major stink in the armpits! At what age did your kiddos start to stink? I’m talking body odor, not stinky diapers. I recall my mom telling me that when she subbed in elementary school, she was always disturbed by the rank odor following the afternoon recess. I totally get it now, because when my boys get in the car when I pick them up at school – whewy. We sometimes have to drive with the windows rolled down. 

Made to Matter Products for Your Tween: products you can trust!

It’s tough to get kids to take responsibility for their body odor. Mine are good about showering, but it does no good if they don’t take some preventative measures and follow-up with the use of a deodorant. With so much information floating around out there, I have had concerns about giving my kids any ol’ anti-perspirant or deodorant to help their hygiene. That’s why I’m so pleased to know of Tom’s of Maine products for tweens! They have a brand new product with kids hygiene in mine. I’ve always loved Tom’s of Maine and turned to them for more natural choices. Now, Tom’s of Maine has been selected to participate in the Target Stores Made to Matter program.

Tom’s of Maine was hand selected to partner with Target because their products are natural, organic and sustainable.  Inclusion in the Made to Matter 2016 program requires each brand to meet one or more of a specific set of standards, such as: Reduced waste and packaging, Closed loop systems (using production waste products to produce another product), Clean label products, Dietary and allergen restrictions, and Reduced sugar. Target customers love the Made to Matter collection because it offers them a way to easily discover new products that are better for them, their families and the world around them.

I’ve always been aware that Tom’s of Maine strives to make natural, organic products with consumer health and safety in mind. And now, I’m really pleased to know I can buy my guys a deodorant that contains no aluminum or parabens – and it has a Cool name which just might get them to use it more regularly. I’m thinking my little girl will be on board next school year for deodorant use. Where did the time go?? 

Made to Matter Products for Your Tween: products you can trust!

So, if your kid has turned eight and not smelling so great, try Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool!™ Deodorant, a natural kid’s deodorant formulated just for kids! It’s made with fragrance specifically designed for boys and girls. Wicked Cool!™ provides kids with 24 hour odor protection and is free of aluminum, parabens, and artificial fragrances.  There’s a fragrance just for girls – Summer Fun and a fragrance for boys – Freestyle. 

Made to Matter Products for Your Tween: products you can trust!

Tom’s of Maine has also created a few other products specifically for the Target Made to Matter program: Luminous White advanced whitening toothpaste and Naturally Dry Northwoods antiperspirant for men. I highly suggest you check them all out!

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