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Free Audible Trial and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Free Trial of Audible

Summer should be in full force for all of you – school’s out, graduations are over, and the heat is on. Now, what to do with those lively critters for a FULL day? I know there’s lots of lists out there with ideas of how to entertain your children during those dog days of summer and I hope you’re finding peace and satisfaction in some of those creative ways to stave off boredom and the whining “there’s nothing to do.” But, there are times when activities just can’t be mommy driven or directed, or face it – you just need a few moments of quiet, or a minimal chunk of time to get one stinkin chore done without interruption – right? Here’s where a free Audible trial will come in handy.

I know we all have a certain amount of angst over using electronics as babysitters or time occupiers ( is that a word?). I sure don’t want my children to have a screen monitor glow clashing with their summer freckles and slight tan. And . . . there’s nothing better than getting your kids into some reading time for the summer. I hope you’ve got your summer reading list sorted. There’s nothing better than settling down with the kiddos and a good book – be it during the day, or bedtime. But again – when does some mommy time get answered? I’ll also attest most children need some alone time, where they can find peace and satisfaction of introspection. I wish my kids were avid readers. Much to my chagrin, they aren’t. It’s like pulling teeth to get my boys to spend a chunk of time with a book – they view it as an assignment or punishment. Go figure. It rates up there with toddler naps – why are you making me do this? It’s good for you and you need it. When was the last time someone told you to go take a nap, or go to your room and read. This is messed up.

Alice Adventures in Wonderland on Audible

Here’s where Audible, Inc. comes to the rescue. I’ve already discovered it’s about the only way I can get my reading fix these day, but now I’ve got my kiddos zeroed in on Audible, Inc.  The kids just tried out Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on Audible. They loved Scarlett Johannsson’s narration, as she enthusiastically changed voice for each of the distinct characters in the book. You could just feel their individual personalities which left a wonderful impression on my kids. It was especially meaningful as we prepared to go see the newest release of another Alice in Wonderland movie. Lewis Carroll’s classic is still one of the most widely read books, even after one hundred and fifty years  since it was originally published.

Just like Alice, my kids grow weary of storybooks, and are searching for an adventure outside mere words with no pictures. Audible gives them a sense of adventure, without turning to “in your face” movie or video. They still have a sense of being a reader, or being read to, but have some much needed “alone and quiet” time.  Nothing replaces the treasured moments of a parent spending time reading to children – but Audible, Inc is a good way to encourage children to find the joy in books. I can’t wait to see what other adventures we’ll find this summer as we explore Audible, Inc.

Me Before You

Next on my reading/listening list is “Me Before You“. I loved the movie and have heard great things about the book. Enjoy a Free Audible Trial for 30-days with download. Happy Summer to you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.


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