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Buy a Bracelet, Save Endangered Animals


Buy a Bracelet, Save Endangered Animals

When I met my husband nearly two years ago, something inside of me was sparked alive. I’ve always been fond of animals, but being out in what hubby calls “the country” has piqued my curiosity of animals and farm life even more. That curiosity has spread to nature in general. Whenever we take a drive out to the country, to see family or go house hunting, I find my eyes are much more open than they used to be. I appreciate and take in the beauty of nature and the animals that always surround us. I’ve found a real joy and happiness in being in nature. 

As an ambassador of Barbara’s, I’ve been privileged to learn about some of the awesome organizations they are a part of. One of those organizations is Defenders of Wildlife—a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of all native animals and plants in their natural communities. I absolutely love when I get to partner with a brand that not only cares about the products they put into the consumer’s hands (or mouths), but they care about the world we live in too.

Buy a Bracelet, Save Endangered Animals

Barbara’s has created limited-edition collectible bracelets featuring key endangered species. Four unique bracelet designs depict a wolf, sea turtle, elephant and polar bear – all vulnerable animal groups representing North America’s impressive wildlife heritage. With every four bracelets sold, Barbara’s will adopt one endangered animal through Defenders of Wildlife’s animal adoption program, with the goal of adopting 1,000 endangered animals at the end of the campaign. Doesn’t that just blow you away?

Buy a Bracelet, Save Endangered Animals

Let’s do our part to help Barbara’s reach their goal of adopting 1,000 endangered animals – it’s easy! Each bracelet is $5, of you can purchase a Family Four Pack for $20, all online at shop.barbaras.com. Proceeds will be donated to Defenders of Wildlife through their symbolic animal adoption program. I’m sure you’re curious what happens with those funds (I know I was). All adoption donations benefit the wildlife and habitat conservation efforts of Defenders of Wildlife.

So, calling all animal lovers – get your bracelets and let’s save some animals!

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