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Floating Lace Braid with Suave

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Floating Lace Braid Tutorial and Before and After Hair with Suave

With the summer break, I’ve taken some time to gear up for the new school year by practicing new hairstyles on Miss Bea. She spends a lot of time in the pool, so I take care to help Bea with the hair washing, drying, and styling, so it doesn’t get damaged and/or dried out. Before I get to my Floating Lace Braid tutorial, you’ve got to learn about the awesome Unilever deal going on at Kroger stores right now.

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Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

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Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

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Step 1 – Comb hair all over to one side of the head in the direction you want the braid to go.

Step 2 – Grab a small section of hair just above the ear of which ever side you want to begin braid, and opposite of the side you want to finish on. 

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 3 – Divide that hair into 3 even sections and place between left hand fingers, palm side up.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 4 – Now begin braiding by twining each section once.

Step 5 –  With your right hand, feed a small section of hair from forehead hairline into the outer section of braid, and twine into the middle position.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 6 – Now feed a section of hair from behind the ear into the opposite outer section of hair, and twine into the middle position.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 7 – Continue alternating feeding in sectons of hair from the forehead, and behind the ear until you are about to the center of the head. This process is a typical french braid.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 8. Now stop feeding in hair from behind the ear or what we’ll call the lower side, and your going to switch to a “lace braid” by only feeding in hair from the forehead or “upper side.” Feed in a section of hair into the upper edge and place into the middle position, braid the two remaining section, and repeat feeding in hair from the forehead until you’ve reached the opposite ear from where you started.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 9. Once you’ve reached the opposite side of the head, just above the ear, stop feeding in new hair and finish off with a classic braid until you’ve reached the ends.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Step 10. Finish off ends with a small elastic band, and pin at the back of the head (if desired) with a bobby pin.

Floating Lace Braid Tutorial

Finish off with Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray, for secure hold throughout the day.


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