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Following Safe Guidelines for Mind & Body

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Following Safe Guidelines for Mind & Body

As a parent, I’m always cautious about what my kids put into their minds and their bodies. More and more, I realize how imperative it is I do the same. I am hypocritical to tell my kids to be safe, while I ignore the caution for myself. Following safe guidelines for mind and body isn’t just important for kids, but also for adults. I realize some people will allow their children to see all types of movies, but I personally rely on those ratings and guidelines to help keep my kids safe from harmful influence.

Safe Guidelines for Mind

This past weekend, my kids’ father wanted to take the kids to a movie, and texted me to see if he could take them to a PG-13 movie. He wasn’t sure what was good or appropriate for the kids, and my twin boys were looking out for their little sister and worried a particular movie might be too intense for her. I was proud of my boys for knowing a movie could be harmful to my daughter’s mind and spirit. Sometimes in our effort to be entertained we overlook those safety warnings.

Following Safe Guidelines for Mind & Body

Safe Guidelines for Body

While I believe what we put into our minds matters, I think it is more important to follow safe guidelines when it comes to the health and care of our body. I am a consumer of adult gummy vitamins because they are convenient, they taste good, and I need vitamins to make up for what I can’t get through food. I’ve always been fond of Nature Made® Adult Gummies, but now I can feel completely good about taking these vitamins and supplements because some are USP certified for purity and potency.

Following Safe Guidelines for Mind & Body

Containing the USP Verified Mark means Nature Made® Adult Gummies have met the USP’s stringent criteria as follows:

  • Contain the ingredients listed on the label, in the declared potency and amounts;
  • Do not contain harmful levels of specified contaminants;
  • Will break down and release into the body within a specified amount of time; and
  • Have been made according to FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices using sanitary and well-controlled procedures.


As I consider what is good for mind and body, these are some of the things I take into consideration.

NatureMade Adult Gummies

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