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Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini


Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini

It’s summer! Along with all the outdoor activities, outings, mini vacations, swimming, boating and whatever else you can think of, there’s one thing I enjoy about summer — NOT PACKING SCHOOL LUNCHES. It’s a drag, it’s limiting, and it feels never-ending…until summer arrives.

I like that I can be spontaneous and more creative with lunch. I even find that the kids are more accepting of something divergent from PB&J. I also like that friends can come over and we can enjoy lunch together — maybe around the pool or out back while the kids jump on the trampoline.

Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini

A quick helper I’ve found for lunchtime enjoyment is StarKist Tuna Creations® Pouches. They are really a year-round solution and even a big hit when the kids eat lunch in the cafeteria at school. With the Creations coming in 10 different flavors, I get to be a bit more creative and can try new lunch creations of my own. Like today, we went for a swim at my mom’s, and then when lunch rolled around, I had a baguette I needed to use and some StarKist® Pouches on hand. I opted to use the Tuna Creations® Hot Buffalo Style because it adds just the right amount of zing.

Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini

My mom supplied fresh veggies from the garden, and we created Garden Fresh Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini. We only had to turn the oven on for a short bit to toast the baguette, which was sliced and drizzled with olive oil. Everyone got to choose a topping of red pepper, zucchini slices or cucumber…or all three. The best part is that there was virtually no cleanup because the tuna is already mixed, flavored and ready to eat. Tuna Creations® Hot Buffalo Style also includes 15 grams of lean protein* and 70 calories per single-serving pouch. That lean protein is sure to keep everyone feeling full. I brushed off the cookie sheet used for toasting, and rinsed the cutting board and knife. Voilà…finito!

Hot Buffalo Tuna Crostini

I wouldn’t hesitate to serve these crostini as a party appetizer, summer holiday barbecue side or tailgate entrée. If you plan to transport them to an event, just pre-toast your baguette slices and place them in a baggie, pre-cut your veggies, and place them in another resealable bag. Be sure to take your StarKist Tuna Creations® and Salmon Creations® Pouches, and let people create their own crostini, or just whip them out in a few minutes for everyone to enjoy.

For product information and more great recipes, visit, and check the brand out on Facebook.

Happy summer, everyone, and happy lunchtime!

*See pouch for nutrition information.

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