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What to Take Boating


What to Take Boating!

This summer we plan to go boating several times, to stay cool and to have some weekly adventure in our lives. If you go often you probably have your system of what to take boating. If going out on the lake is new to you or doesn’t happen often, you might like these tips for those special days out on the lake/river or wherever your aquatic adventures take you. These tips for what to take boating hold true for the beach and water park, as well. Water is what cools us, refreshes us and attracts us in the summertime. 

What to Take Boating

What to Take Boating

1. Take Sunscreen. Don’t get caught out on the water without protection from those rays. All the fun time in the sun will be regrettable, if you get burned.
2. Take towels. Ya just need to dry off!
3. Take flip flops or some sort of footwear that can get wet.
4. Take snacks – as much as I love chocolate, you’ll want to leave that behind. Trail mix or granola bars are great for a bit of extra energy.  All that water fun will zap your energy.

What to Take Boating
5. If you’re going to be on shore for any length of time, take a pop-up,  or umbrella for protection from the sun. We had a big group recently out on the lake – more than could all fit in the boat, so those left on shore were grateful for the pop-up.

What to Take Boating
6. Sunglasses are a must, especially for the boat driver. A floating strap for your glasses might be nice too, just in case you forget to take them off when you jump in the lake.
7. Take a baggie or cooler for your valuables – wallet, watches, cell phones and jewelry, etc. You don’t want to lose those in the water. Remember your hands may shrink in the chilly water and precious jewelry could fall to the bottom of the lake. 

What to Take Boating
8. Life jackets! For littles, or anyone planning to be dragged behind the boat on skis, jumbo hot dogs, or tubes, life jackets are a must!

What to Take BoatingStay Hydrated

9. And last, but most important stay hydrated. We prefer to take along Boxed Water. We love the taste, and we love that we don’t have to pack the containers home to recycle. They are easily flattened while in the boat so the empties don’t take up valuable space.

What to Take Boating

Staying hydrated while you’re out in the sun is one of the most important things you can do to keep your time out on the water enjoyable. Eventhough you might be spending time in the lake water, don’t forget that riding in the boat with the wind whipping around you will dry you out quickly and make you miserable. So, drink, drink, drink when you boat, boat boat.

If you have some other items you make sure to take out when you’re boating, I’d love to hear. I’m new at this, so these things are just a few that I found valuable.

Happy Summer and Happy Boating!!

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