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5 Top Attractions in St. Louis


5 Top Attractions in St. Louis, great for family travel or sightseeing on your own!

As a first timer in St. Louis, Missouri I was determined to see and eat the best of the best this summer. With only two half days to really spend in the city, I think we did a pretty dang good job of cramming in what I’ve deemed to be the 5 top attractions in St. Louis.

After much research, and chatting with the CVB for St. Louis, I came up with the following list, and I’ll share what we loved about each stop. From the bottom to the top, here are our top 5 favorites:

The Top 5 Attractions in St. Louis: #5 is the Gateway Arch

#5 The Gateway Arch: the gateway to the West. Although the grounds for the arch are under a significant amount of construction and renovation, this is still a cool stop that should be on anyone’s St. Louis travel list. Once the renovations are done, parking will be closer and much more convenient.

We opted for a tram ride to the top near sunset, for some great photos. I especially loved walking along the Mississippi River to get to the arch. The tram ride is fairly quick, and definitely confined, so if you don’t like small spaces, you may want to think twice about riding to the top.

Once you arrive to the top, there are several small windows to look out over the city in both directions. The St. Louis Cardinals happened to be in town, so it was cool to watch a bit of the game from the top. Below the arch is a gift shop where you can find a variety of goodies and gifts.

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