Better Snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars


Better Snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars

This year has been one crazy roller coaster, and it’s not over yet! One thing I haven’t talked a lot about is my weight loss journey. I’ve lost over 65 pounds this year, and it hasn’t been easy. Throughout the weight loss process, I’ve learned some things about myself, and about what my body needs.

I was so trained into thinking I needed to eat less and move more, to lose weight. This has worked for me during periods of my life, but lately it hasn’t been the case. I’m going to tell you how I’ve been able to eat more and lose weight, with the help of better snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars and Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bars.

Better Snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars

You see, after I’d lost a lot of weight and my stomach started to shrink, I got caught up in not eating enough. I just wasn’t hungry like I used to be. I think my body was starting to go into starvation mode, and hang onto all of the weight I had left. Even though I still have pounds to lose, my body was hanging onto everything. After meeting with my nutritionist I realized I need to consume more protein, and more good-for-me snacks. My body was also craving fiber and MORE WATER! For that reason, I carry my Boxed Water everywhere I go.

Better Snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars

We have to remember to fuel our bodies, whether we’re looking to lose weight or just to sustain health. I love stocking up on foods for the entire family, at Costco, and they carry our favorite Fiber One Lemon Bars and Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Bars, with no artificial flavors and colors. These are so tasty, but even better is the 25% less sugar they now contain! These yummy bites of goodness contain more fiber than they do sugar – something I look for in my snacks.

Better Snacking with Fiber One Lemon Bars

Because I love lemon treats, snacks, and meals, I just love the Fiber One Lemon Bars. They’re “So delicious, it should have another name.” Join the fun with Fiber One and give the bars a try at Costco, and see what name you can come up with!

You can find me on the run with my bottle of water and Fiber One Lemon Bar, to remind me to keep sipping and to keep snacking. Get more snack inspiration from this snacking Pinterest board.

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