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Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis


Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis

This summer, Keith and I took the whole family to the mid-west for a family reunion. Because we are a family of 6, we often run into the dilemma of one room or two, except when we luck out with a local Embassy Suites. Embassy Suites was once again there for us with spectacular family accommodations in St. Louis, Missouri.

Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis

With the exception of Keith, none of us had ever been to St. Louis so we were excited to explore all there was to do there. I will write more on that later, but for now I can’t rave enough about the Embassy Suites in Downtown St. Louis.

Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis

With a late arrival (after 11pm), and a long day of travel from California, we opted to use the valet parking so we could quickly check in and get kiddos in bed. It was well worth it, especially since the nearby garage appeared to be full. The staff was all very friendly despite the late hour, and once we were to our room, we were greeted with delicious cookies, snacks, and beverages for the day of sightseeing we had ahead of us. Of all the hotels I’ve worked with, Embassy Suites knows how to treat us right!

20160626_003408Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis

Traveling with family is always fun, but can be somewhat interesting when it nears bedtime, and figuring out where everyone will sleep. Embassy Suites solved that problem for us by having 3 queen sized beds, where we could put two in each bed. Even better was the door that divided the two queen beds from the living room area with the hide-a-bed. Privacy is always appreciated when traveling with kids.

Spectacular Family Accommodations in St. Louis

We actually ran into an interesting situation where my parents’ flight to Des Moines got messed up so they had to do a last minute switch to St. Louis. You see, they were due to meet us in Illinois for our family reunion. Without a place to stay for the night, they were able to crash with us. While this could be stressful and crowded, it worked out perfectly. Because of the way the rooms were divided, we were able to put all the kids to bed behind the bedroom door, and my parents let themselves in (after midnight), without having to wake any of us! The bathroom was on the living room side so it all worked out perfectly.

Embassy Suites Breakfast Buffet

Then when the kids woke up in the morning, grandpa (who wakes up early) was able to take them down to breakfast and let us parents catch some extra zzz’s. My kids absolutely love when we stay at Embassy Suites locations because of the fantastic breakfast! Made-to-order omelettes, waffles, yogurt, and the works. We’ve never been let down, and the St. Louis location definitely does things right.

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