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Affordable Halloween Shopping from Walmart.com


When it comes to decorating for the holidays I could easily go overboard, and sometimes I do, but it makes me so happy! I do try to keep myself in check because we have bills to pay, ya know? I’ve found you can get some truly great pieces and affordable Halloween shopping from Walmart.com. I don’t have a bottomless wallet in regard to decorating, but I sure wish I did.

Affordable Halloween Shopping from Walmart.com

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m putting on a haunted house as a fundraiser for the kids’ school, but I also have a massive front porch that I LOVE to decorate. Walmart has been a great go-to for odds and ends, and that something special to spook the neighbors. My local store doesn’t always have a large stock of all holiday decor pieces, so Walmart.com has been great with free site-to-store delivery or free shipping on orders of $50 or more.


I’ve been keeping an eye out for a fog machine and finally bit the bullet and ordered one online. This is the first year ever for me to have a fog machine so I’m not sure yet how much Fog Liquid I’ll need, but I went ahead and started with just one bottle. I can’t wait to layer my haunted house with a fog-filled room mixed with a strobe light, for that eerie effect. I think the combination of the two will make the spiders on the wall look extra creepy!


For the yard  I like a lot of light up items, and mostly with a friendly-scary type of look. However, as we near Halloween night I like to put a couple of scarier items in the yard that passersby wouldn’t have expected. at 12’x4′ this Giant Grim Reaper is kind of awesome!


One of my absolutely favorite new decor pieces for Hallowen are 5′ poseable skeletons, which I’ve places on the roof. I’ve got one dangling from the first story gutter, one from the second story gutter, and one climbing over an upstairs window. I have their heads turned out with the jaws wide open, and I find them hysterical!


Animated Lighted Monster Eyes are such an easy touch to add to any window of the house. The best part is that these are under $10 and you can get them in a couple of different styles. Talk about affordability! You’ve got a week and a half left to shop – what will you be ordering?

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