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Protect Endangered Animals with Barbara’s Wild Rewards


Protect Endangered Animals and Earn Rewards with Barbara's Wild Rewards

Are you an animal lover like me? I find animals so grand and beautiful, and unique and fascinating. I could sit and watch animals in their surroundings, for hours. I recently went on a Safari and I was in heaven! It doesn’t even take an exotic animal to get me excited. This past Spring, my husband and I were out trying to capture a pretty sunset when we came across a herd of cows with their young. I got out of the car and stood at the fence for what felt like forever, just watching the calves nurse on their mommas. This was such a beautiful, natural sight and I was in love!

Protect Endangered Animals and Earn Rewards with Barbara's Wild Rewards

Unfortunately not everyone has the same love of animals that I have. Too many animals are becoming endangered due to poaching. I would hate to ever have to stop seeing some of my favorite animals because they’ve all vanished, due to selfishness and inhumanity. Barbara’s, the leader in wholesome snacks and cereals, agrees. Not only does Barbara’s believe in feeding our families with natural and good ingredients, but they believe in keeping our animals safe. 

Protect Endangered Animals and Earn Rewards with Barbara's Wild Rewards

In partnership with The National Audubon Society’s Project Puffin, the Zoological Association of America, The Pittsburgh Zoo and Defenders of Wildlife, Barbara’s Wild Rewards allows you, the consumer, to earn points all while providing resources to protect our endangered wildlife. When you purchase participating Barbara’s products or engage in specific interactive Barbara’s activities on their website, you earn points which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards. These rewards are yours to keep! The best part – your purchases also give a kickback to protect wildlife. 

Barbara's Wild Rewards

Get started with Barbara’s Wild Rewards today and members earn an initial 300 program points upon online sign up, then are able to participate in a series of actions and activities to obtain additional points. Activities to earn points include completing a Barbara’s Purchase in-store or online and uploading the receipt (250 points), Barbara’s Opt-ins to receive future marketing communications (200 points), Watch Video (100 points), Play Game (100 points), Print Activity (100 points), or Refer a User (100 points). 

Protect Endangered Animals and Earn Rewards with Barbara's Wild Rewards

Some of the rewards you can redeem points for are:

  • $2 off any participating Barbara’s product
  • Adoption Certificate for a virtual animal adoption (For each Puffin adoption certificate redeemed $5 will go towards the Audubon Society Project Puffin up to $25,000)
  • Children’s Activity Book that includes 24-pages filled with fun and educational activities for kids and families to learn about endangered species
  • Plush Stuffed Toy Panda, Lion, or Puffin Animal

Get started in earning great rewards, and doing your part in helping our animals!

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