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Swiffer Immersion Trip in New York City



New York is one of my favorite cities to visit because there is always so much going on, and so much to see and do. Swiffer is one of my favorite brands to work with because they get what the average household needs when it comes to cleaning. They know we want to clean fast and easy, and their products help us accomplish just that. In August, I had the opportunity to pair a couple of my favorite things (New York and Swiffer) with an amazing immersion trip, with some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

I’ve been working with Swiffer for over a year, so most of you likely already know my love for the products. I’m pleased to announce Swiffer has come out with some amazing changes I think you’ll all be thrilled about. Let me just say that you really need to get your hands on the improved Wet Jet! (Get it on Amazon, here!) I get to spend the next year keeping you all updated on the latest and greatest from the brand, and if you pay close attention you may even win some great products for yourself! You see, Swiffer is all about giving and sharing, and making cleaning easier on everyone. 

While in New York, here are some of the adventures I was privileged to take after getting up to speed with the latest and greatest from Swiffer.


Good Housekeeping Institute Excursion where I toured the Good Housekeeping headquarters, and learned how they give a tried and true test to any product or service they feature in their magazines. I was blown away at all of the testing on such a wide variety of products, that was being done in this NYC high-rise. Swiffer is approved by Good Housekeeping and it was awesome to see live testing being done on household and personal care items. 


Paul Taylor Company Dance Studio Excursion where I actually learned a dance by two former NYC Rockettes!

Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch a live performance by the Rockettes, but getting to dance with them is pretty dang cool. I even have footage as evidence!


Carlo’s Bakery Excursion – that’s right, we had a cake decorating contest right where The Cake Boss is filmed! We practiced making kitchen messes in a very tasty way. I got to bring my finished cake home to share with the kids, and you better believe they were thrilled!

Since we were in Carlo’s Baker Shop, I actually got to me Mauro, from the show! Doesn’t he look so good?


NYC Foster Dogs Excursion because who doesn’t love dogs? We spent some time playing with, and getting to know the pups available for adoption. Did you know Swiffer products are great for cleaning up dog fur? It’s true! I love how they’ve partnered with NYC Foster Dogs to help get those adorable furry friends a forever home.

As you can see, it was a very full couple of days in NYC. All of this experience just because of our need to clean. I’m happy to tried and true products that can make cleaning easier, and even more fun for all of us! Be sure to check back often to see what I’ll be featuring next from Swiffer!

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