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Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway


Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway

Like most parents these days, I worry about my kiddos’ activity level. Oh they are plenty busy, so I don’t mean busy, but I’m talking about meaningful activity. It’s no surprise that childhood obesity is on the rise and must be seriously addressed by today’s parents. Engaging children in meaningful activity can really be a challenge. I noticed after a summer of relaxation and lots of swimming – which is good for the kids – that they struggled with the running aspect of fall soccer. It didn’t take long for them to get in shape, but I noticed that not only my kids, but all the kids on their teams seemed to struggle those first few weeks.  What to do, but get your kids moving with Sqord?!

I recently learned about Sqord Activity Pods fitness tracker and gaming app which just might be the key to engaging my kids all year long with fun activity without the nagging.

Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway

Sqord is an entertainment brand committed to building fun and social experiences that ignite healthier, stronger and supportive communities of kids by fueling group play in the real world. It’s one part social community, one part fitness tracker, one part game.

Think if it as a new way to instigate real world play with others. The brand’s first product: the Sqord Pod and Game App encourages kids to get out and play with others – building camaraderie and friendship through exercise-related activities. Sqord’s mission is to: Inspire kids to find the fun and rewards in everyday active play!

Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway

Here’s how is works:

  • The Sqord Activity Pod tracks movement in the real world and converts it into Sqord Activity Points that kids can use in the Sqord App. The more Sqord Activity Points they earn, the more and more cool interactive game levels they unlock in the Sqord game app.
  • Kids can create and customize their very own Power Me character inside Sqord’s online world.
  • The Sqord Activity Pod inspires, motivates and tracks your play converting that play into Activity Points. Use points to unlock cool new features such as messaging friends, upgrading your PowerMe, and much more.
  • Compete on the Sqord leaderboard and in head-to-head challenges with your friends or the world. Parents can also set goals for their kids and create unique Awards to further incentivize active play.
  • Send quick High Fives or Squawks to your friends in a kid-safe, parent-approved environment. The Sqord App is specially designed to make sure all interactions are 100% safe, easy, and fun for kids of all ages.
  • Even without the Sqord Activity Pod, through the Sqord game app kids can create their own Power Me characters, high five other players, send thoughts, earn Sqoins and virtual medals and buy other Sqord gear with their Sqoins.

Sqord is building stronger overall well being in kids and the communities around them by helping kids become physically healthier. Studies show that kids who wore the Sqord Activity band had a 55% increase in higher activity levels in previously less active kids. Kids who sync their Sqord Activity band more regularly have higher activity levels, as well. And as an added bonus, parents are more active when kids are more active.

All of this leads to kids and families becoming socially and emotionally healthier. We all know that encouraging  kids to run, jump or chase after each other can lead to improved school performance, higher self-esteem, higher levels of creativity, greater levels of understanding and overall, truly healthier kids. This translates into healthier families and a healthier world.
Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway
Because I care about healthy kids, would like to encourage just such healthier advancement by GIVING AWAY a Sqord Activity Pod set. Just enter (at the bottom of this post) by midnight on November 24th, when I’ll pick one lucky winner.
Get your Kids Moving with Sqord and a Giveaway

You may also enter the Sqord Sweepstakes to win a Family Vacation in San Diego, California and includes: Airfare, hotel (3 days/2 nights), transportation, Tickets to your choice of LEGOLAND, SeaWorld or San Diego Zoo, Sqord prize pack (4 Sqord Activity Pods, Wrist Bands and Stickers).

You can also purchase Sqord Activity Trackers on Amazon – they’d make great stocking stuffers!


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