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Reasons to Visit Ogden Utah for Vacation

Years ago, when I was a college student in Idaho, I recall spending the night at a friend’s home in Ogden, Utah. I was intrigued with the lovely town nestled against the Wasatch Mountains, just north of booming Salt Lake City. I thought then, this town deserves some exploring and a longer stay, so when the opportunity presented itself to learn more about Ogden, I jumped at the chance and now it’s on my list of places to personally explore in the future.

Ogden is rich in history and in the past boasted a fun reputation of being a bit more bawdy than its bigger sister, Salt Lake City. I learned that known gangster, Al Capone, once said Ogden was “a bit too rowdy for my taste”.

Ogden was the nearest city of size to the Golden Spike location at Promontory Summit, Utah, where the First Transcontinental Railroad was joined in 1869. It used to be said that “You can’t get anywhere without coming to Ogden.” It also used to be known as Junction City because travelers going east or west had to go to Ogden to board their train.

Ogden truly is a Junction City for the over 1 million visitors who come to discover all that Ogden has to offer. Not only can you find abundant city life, but you’ve got outdoor recreation of every type. Historic 25th street is “the place” for shoppers, foodies, history buffs, and art collectors. Also nearby are a number of museums to grab your attention: Hill Aerospace Museum, Union Station (home to four separate museums and 2 art galleries), and Treehouse Children’s Museum, to name a few.

Are you a history buff or enjoy walking tours?  You can find great examples of historic architecture, either on Historic 25th Street, or by exploring Historic Jefferson Avenue. Jefferson is host to beautiful Victorian homes, craftsman style bungalows and the original trolley line thatโ€™s still visible today. Or do you crave the outdoors? If you take a short drive up any one of the avenues leading to the Wasatch Mountains, you’ll find a number of hiking trails to suit any skill level.  City or Mountains, the choice is yours.

Outdoor fun can be enjoyed anytime of year in Ogden. For the more sedate, check out Dinosaur Park, Ogden Nature Center, Ogden Botanical Gardens and Fort Buenaventura (the original settlement name for Ogden). Fun Fact: Utah’s first settlers were the trappers at Fort Buenaventura. They arrived a year before the Mormon settlers. For the more adventurous,  explore the Ogden River Parkway, just moments away from Historic 25th Street, where you can try your hand at Blue Ribbon Fishing, visit the 3 Kayak Parks, or spend time on the serene paved bike trail.

But Wait – then comes winter when the magic really happens and the snow starts to fall as Ogden boasts it’s the Best Place for your winter activities. Just 30 minutes from downtown Ogden are 3 World Class Ski Resorts: Powder Mountain, Snowbasin Resort and Nordic Valley. Every outdoor winter sport imaginable is available to the snow lover.

Ogden is truly a junction for a vibrant city life and abundant outdoor recreation with easy access – only 35 min, from Salt Lake International Airport.

Are you ready to go? Will it be Summer, Winter, or Fall (when you can enjoy lovely fall color drives in the canyons) I know I can’t wait.


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