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Help to End Domestic Violence and Financial Abuse

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Help to End Domestic Violence & Financial Abuse

For a long time, people believed physical violence was the only form of domestic abuse. I can attest this isn’t true, as I was the victim of a lot of emotional and verbal abuse. Some people are a victim of financial abuse, which can be its own kind of terrifying beast. Allstate Foundation Purple Purse aims to help end domestic violence and financial abuse through financial empowerment.

After living in an abusive marriage for 11 years, I’ve felt a sense of freedom and empowerment ever since I got out. Unfortunately, there are so many men and women who stay in abusive relationships due to many reasons. There can be a lot of fear in leaving a relationship – fear of the unknown, finances, what will happen with the children, and the list goes on. It’s so great when companies and organizations step up and offer a branch of information and resources to help those in abusive relationships.

End Domestic Violence

One of the many reasons I stayed in an abusive marriage as long as I did was financial reasons. While I had a college degree, I was a stay-at-home mom most of my marriage. I loved being home with my kids and the unknown was terrifying for me. I was made to feel I needed the financial support of my husband, and couldn’t hack it on my own. Then I started this blog, which grew into something amazing as it gave me the financial ability to provide for my kids on my own. There was something so empowering about having my own business and money, and knowing I could take care of my family. It took away one of my excuses for not leaving such a horrible marriage.

Help to End Domestic Violence & Financial Abuse

When I got out, I knew the time was right, and that the kids and I would be okay. I felt stronger than ever, and healthier and happier than ever. I was also fortunate to meet Keith, my new husband, who is stable, safe, and the best father ever to our kids! I hate knowing others are going through what I went through, and even worse. Financial abuse occurs in 99 percent of all domestic violence cases and is the No. 1 reason victims stay in or return to abusive relationships. I can’t tell you how happy I am Allstate Foundation Purple Purse helps victims kick this reason to the curb.

Help to End Domestic Violence & Financial Abuse

Allstate Foundation Purple Purse drives fundraising for local, state and national nonprofits that provide crucial financial empowerment tools and resources to survivors of financial abuse. As a previous victim myself, I can tell you how much these tools and resources can do to improve, and even save lives. You can support these efforts by visiting and donating today. You can be a part of making someone’s life safer!

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