Celebrate The Art of Adulting with Laughter and Swiffer

Celebrate The Art of Adulting with Laughter and Swiffer

Some days it’s just not fun to be an adult and I wish I could curl up on someone’s lap and have them stroke my hair. Okay, maybe I occasionally do that with my husband, but let’s face it – we gotta adult. Swiffer is a brand who understands adulting can be hard and they want to make it as easy as possible, in the areas we can control, like cleaning! With a little music and some bedazzling, cleaning can even be fun! With some fun videos, gifs and iMessage stickers released today, we’re going to celebrate The Art of Adulting with laughter and Swiffer. 

Comedian and actress, Abby Elliot, takes on adulting in two hilarious new videos. She shows us adulting can be fun and rewarding. A huge part of becoming an adult is learning how to clean up after yourself – and others – and accepting the fact that no one is going to do it for you. With Swiffer, you can spend less time doing the things you don’t like (ie: cleaning) so you have more time doing the things you love. That’s really what the Swiffer effect is all about, and it makes adulting so much more enjoyable. You can get a quick clean with the many Swiffer products, and you may even find it’s kinda fun to Swiffer. Put on some tunes and dance your way through the dusting.

Abby also shows us adulting doesn’t have to mean running ragged and calling snacks dinner. We’ve all done it! We don’t have to wait until we’re hangry to find something to eat. I certainly have days where a hand in the chip bag constitutes a meal, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  By planning ahead, we avoid those hangry mood swings and may even find a little time to clean around the kitchen, while dinner is cooling. 

Celebrate The Art of Adulting with Laughter and Swiffer

Feeling like adulting is getting you down? Cheer up with the new #adulting gifs on Swiffer’s giphy page! Plus, Apple users can download the new iMessage stickers via the iTunes Store or emojiTap. Android users can download the Android stickers on emojiTap via the Google Store. It’s time to make adulting fun again!

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