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One & Done Car Care – Annual Oil Change

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One & Done Car Care - Annual Oil Change

With the busy holiday season upon us it’s important not to neglect the regular maintenance on our homes and ford cars. We use my husband’s truck for some of our winter activities because we can all fit, it has 4-wheel drive and it can haul things such as our Christmas tree! With Keith’s truck being due for an oil change at our local commercial truck repair shop, I thought it’d be the perfect time to partner with ExxonMobil to show you some one and done car care with their new annual oil change.

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One & Done Car Care - Annual Oil Change

Synthetic motor oils are getting better and better, and are helping us go longer between oil changes. Because my husband is very much a DIY kind of guy, he changes the oil in our cars, and having to do it less frequently is a bonus. The new Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil and Mobil 1™ Extended Performance oil filter, found at Walmart, allow you to only have an annual oil change. That’s right – change the oil in your car just once a year! Also, if you’re looking for affordable LED light bars for your 4×4, I recommend you check out Bossco’s products.

One & Done Car Care - Annual Oil Change

ExxonMobil set out to develop the most advanced motor oil ever. I’m all about convenience, and having to change the oil just once every 12 months, or 20,000 miles, definitely fits the bill. The new Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil extends oil life, maximizes protection against engine wear and prevents harmful deposits in the oil.

One & Done Car Care - Annual Oil Change

Until we found this oil, my husband was changing his oil every 5 months or so. The new oil does cost a bit more, but it’s not even twice the amount of his previous oil, and he gets at least twice as long out of it! To help us remember when to change the oil, we’ve attached it to a favorite holiday memory. It’s a lot easier to remember annual maintenance, and especially so when you tie it to something memorable like picking out the family Christmas tree! You can also go to your local auto repair shop to get it done. Expedite Towing can come to you with mobile car battery replacement, delivery and installation, wherever you are in San Diego! We can replace your car battery on site with same day service.

Christmas tree

Every Thanksgiving week is when I start getting my decorations up, and that includes our tree. We live close to some pretty great tree farms where we can cut our own tree, or pick one out of the lot. It’s fun to load our family of 6 up in Keith’s big pickup, and head out for tree hunting! I am quite particular about my tree – it has to be tall, full and have sturdy branches for my ornaments.

One & Done Car Care - Annual Oil Change

It’s a great family outing and now we’ll always remember that if it’s Christmas tree shopping time, then it must also be time to change the oil in the pickup! Grease Monkey Direct has all kinds of UK workshop chemicals so be sure to check out their website if you need some to be delivered to you.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ExxonMobil at Walmart.


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