The Benefits of Music Lessons – Beginning Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center

The Benefits of Music Lessons

I’ve had a love for music since I was a little girl. I started piano lessons at the age of 8 and it’s a skill and talent that has blessed me throughout my life. I can’t begin to tell you how much times I’ve had adults tell me they wished they stuck with music lessons when they were a kid. While not all of my kids share my same enthusiasm for music, I’m adamant they all learn an instrument because there are so many benefits of music lessons. That’s why one of my boys is beginning guitar lessons at Guitar Center!

The Benefits of Music Lessons

I’ve never met anyone who has regrets of learning to play an instrument. It’s always the opposite. I’ve told my kids that I want them to have every opportunity we can manage to give them during their childhood. I studied music in college and competed with piano from the time  I was 8. I even took music pedagogy classes where I learned that music is most easily learned during one’s childhood. Different instruments are easier to learn at different ages. For example, the piano is most easily grasped by children between ages 8 and 9.

There are more benefits of music lessons than people even realize. With the way our brains work, music has a big impact on learning and moods. I say you’re never too old to try to pick up an instrument, or singing. It may be more difficult to learn as you get older, but it’s still possible and very rewarding. Having the skill to play an instrument does wonders for one’s self-esteem, anxiety levels and physical well being. Studies have shown a positive connection between music and academic improvement and retention. Not to mention what playing an instrument does for motor function and hand-eye coordination. The nice thing about Guitar Center is how many locations they have and how many different lessons they offer, making it easy to get your kids (or yourself) started!

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My oldest son played the saxophone for a few years and took this last year off because our new school doesn’t have an advanced band. It’s really sad but I’ve told Kelman he needs to continue private lessons of some sort. If not sax then something. We’ve decided on guitar lessons at Guitar Center for a couple of reasons. 1. We own two guitars and nobody plays them! 2. As a 14 year old boy, what is cooler or more attractive than a stud who knows how to play the guitar?

The Benefits of Music Lessons

I just know having the benefits of music lessons will do wonders for Kelman’s anxiety as he starts high school this year. He also happens to have a nice voice so I think it will be fun for him to sing along as he plays. I took guitar lessons in college and regret not keeping it up. I need to rebuild the calluses on my fingers and haven’t had the patience to do it. I’m so excited for my son to to learn to play guitar and am eager to get the rest of my kids in private lessons of some sort. I’ve just started my daughter (9) on piano lessons, for the second time, and I’m hoping she sticks with it this time! I believe music is a wonderful outlet to share one’s feelings.

The Benefits of Music Lessons - Beginning Guitar Lessons at Guitar Center

Guitar Center offers instructors who have a passion for music, and teach theory through contemporary music – making it especially fun and engaging for the students. Through their achievement program, you can get to the skill level you desire in as much or as little time as you need. As with all things, practice makes perfect. I was fortunate to love practicing when I was a kid. Follow along our journey with Guitar Center as I’ll be posting more after my son starts his lessons this week! Find a Guitar Center near you.

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  • I think it is important to let kids have music lessons when they are younger. My oldest niece is starting to pick up the guitar.

  • Music plays such an important role. I, myself, played the sax in high school.

  • This sounds like such a great experience! I always wanted to take guitar lessons whenever I was younger. My son is looking into taking some voice lessons.

  • I really regret not being musically inclined. I wish my parents got me some sort of lessons as a young child.

  • Cheers for Guitar Center!
    We spend a lot of time there because our grandson plays the guitar.I am a firm believer that music is something all children should an opportunity to explore. It’s sad the music is being cut in so many schools. Cheers for Guitar Center for picking up the slack.

  • I always want learn play guitar though my friend said I am too old to play it because my hand can be agile as when i was young. But I tried it though need to try more than other people. The feeling when you can play guitar and sing really great!

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