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Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

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Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

In this day and age cell phones and technology are a big part of our lives, and that of our kids’ lives. When we moved and switched schools it became just how much technology is involved in the education of our youth. My kids each had their own school-issued chromebooks and iPads, and of course there’s the whole cell phone debacle. How old do our kids have to be to get their first cell phone? Whether we like it or not, technology and cell phones are a part of our every days so I’m sharing why you should consider a pre-owned phone for your child.

Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

Phones can get pretty expensive so for your child’s first phone, why not start with a pre-owned phone? It’s a great way to test the waters and teach your child responsibility with their new device, without worrying about the expense. Instead of looking for pre-owned phones from strangers off the internet, there’s a safe website called Trademore. Trademore offers a large variety of devices with very competitive prices.

Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

You can rest assured with what you’re getting because all pre-owned devices go through a 30-point inspection for quality, functionality and cosmetic purposes. Before pre-owned phones get sold all devices have to receive a 100% inspection score. One of my favorite features is that all phones get shipped with free with 2-day shipping. I imagine your kids and teens are as impatient as mine so when news breaks that they’re getting a new phone, nobody has to wait too long to receive it!

Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

In addition to buying a pre-owned phone from Trademore, customers can trade in phones, tablets and more. When you browse the website you can see what kinds of deals others are scoring. You’ll be able to see what others have paid for pre-owned phones, as well as what they’ve been offered to trade in their used devices. 

Why You Should Consider a Pre-Owned Phone for Your Child

The nice thing about getting a pre-owned phone for your child is that kids are not always the most responsible. They tend to lose things, break things (sometimes that’s adults too) and it’s hard to muster up the expense of a brand new phone, especially for a child’s first phone. Until they learn to be responsible and take care of their device, a pre-owned phone is a good way to go. Plus, who wants to be tied to a monthly payment with their cell phone provider, for their child’s phone? I certainly don’t and have chosen not to go that route. My kids are very privileged and well taken care of, but we do not get them brand new phones. They can get quite expensive, but luckily Trademore makes it a little more bearable.


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  • This is such a smart option! I don’t think kids are naturally overly responsible with tech devices, so this is a good way to get them to learn to be without risking too much expense!

  • Pre-owned smart devices for kids is the only way to go. Our daughter broke 3 smart phones in her first year of owning a cell phone, and it was a costly experience.

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