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Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

Disclosure: Post sponsored by Mirum but all opinions are my own. Learn how Sears Home Services can help you with inspecting your roof for Winter.

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter
Owning a home that’s 140 years old is really quite cool, but also a lot of work and expense. We love our 1878 farmhouse and when we bought it two years ago we knew we would gradually need to work our way through repairs and renovations. Luckily some of that work was already done, but during our first winter we noticed a couple of roof leaks. To help you avoid a disaster in your bedrooms or living areas, I thought I’d go over inspecting your roof for winter, with the help of Sears Home Services.

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

When we noticed a leak in our master bedroom, it wasn’t too concerning because the damage wasn’t too great and would be easy to repair. However, with the leak in my twins’ bedroom, this was a bit of a bigger problem! You see, our walls are made of lath and plaster and every ceiling is comprised of different materials. My twins’ ceiling almost looks like a textured wallpaper, but I don’t know what it is for sure. All I know is that it can’t be matched. So if we need to patch one part of the ceiling, then we have to replace the entire ceiling.

I really wish we’d done our due diligence to make sure our roof was prepped for winter and all the rain that came. Before winter comes, I highly suggest taking advantage of the Sears Home Services free in-home consultation. They will come inspect your roof to see if you are in need of replacement before that harsh winter weather hits. Sears also offers a roof maintenance checklist that you can do yourself, that should tell you if your roof is failing or in need of replacement. This isn’t meant to be a replacement for an inspection by a professional, but just some things to keep an eye on. It’s also something you can check out without having to get on top of the roof, which can be dangerous and bad for the roof itself!

1. Granulation

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

Granulation is when those tiny roofing pebbles stuck to the shingles flake off. Check the ground near the house for signs of excessive granulation.

2. Spotty Shingle Coverage

Look up around the roof’s edges and see if you can see shingles that are lifting, missing or cracked.  

3. Rust

If you see rust spots around the roof’s edge, this could mean the aluminum capping around the roof’s edge that guides the water during runoff — are beginning to fail.

4. Moss

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

Visible moss on one’s roof is not a good sign.

5. Cracked Caulk

Check where your rooflines meet and where the chimney and vent pipes connect with the roof, and look for cracked caulk. Cracked caulking could leave room for water to enter in.

For the details on the roof maintenance checklist, read the article by Sears Home Services.

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

In addition to leaks and weather disasters, a good roof is crucial for energy efficiency. With an old home energy efficiency is something we are definitely having to upgrade everything with. While a new roof is a big expense upfront, it can save you money over the years and lower your utility bills. The house experts at Sears Home Services can help you with your roofing needs to make sure you are maximizing your roof’s lifespan. Energy efficiency is also important to Sears and that’s why they use ENERGY STAR-certified products. Plus, now through 2/2/19, shoppers can save $500 on Roofing purchases of $1500 or more!!

Inspecting Your Roof for Winter

If you think you may need to replace your roof, schedule your free in-home consultation with Sears Home Services!

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  • Roofs are something everyone needs to pay a lot of attention to! We are actually thinking to Call Sears to see what they think of our roof. We try to be proactive with that as roof issues cause headaches all over the house!

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