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Back To School Fashion for Tweens

Entering the tween years can be tenuous times for girls so I say let’s give them as much confidence as we can muster. With the help of Justice I have some awesome back to school fashion for tweens. These outfits are sure to make the start of your tween’s school year great!

Back To School Fashion for Tweens

Whether you’re a tween or a mom, it’s amazing how much better we feel when we fix ourselves up a little. I so wish some of the Justice styles came in my size because I’m in love with the latest fashion for tweens. Don’t forget about the accessories because Justice is dripping in cuteness.

First up in this year’s fashion is camo!

Camo Skirt and Heart Tee from Justice for Tween Fashion

We are  loving the Camo Heart Graphic Tank paired with the Camo Deconstructed Denim Skirt. The skirt comes with built-in shorts, which is perfect for tween girls. We love the flowy cut to the tank as it’s super flattering, especially when matching with any of the Camo Crop Leggings or skirts. Check out the full line of Camo Gear HERE

Pink Frayed Denim Jacket from Justice for Tween Fashion

Denim is the next big thing in Justice fashion for tweens. To finish off Bea’s camo outfit, we absolutely adore the Pink Frayed Girls Denim Jacket. It has a nice stretch to it and is more comfortable than your typical denim jacket. The pink and camo are super cute together too! There are so many fun options in denim like the Denim A-line Dress and more HERE

Jeweled Pull On Leggings from Jutstice Fashion for Tweens

Forget about plain ol’ jeans when you have fun options like these Jeweled Pull On Jean Leggings. They’re ultra comfy leggings, but show great style in jeans!

Jeweled Pull On Leggings and Perfect Plaid Button Up from Justice Fashion for Tweens

For a little more of a casual/trendy look, Bea is wearing the Perfect Plaid Button Up Shirt with her Jeweled leggings. These tops come in a variety of colors and they’re also a part of a $25 bundle deal with colored leggings! Great deal!

Flip Sequin Star Button Waist Jeggings from Justice Fashion for Tweens

Casual comfort is great for an every day go-to outfit, and this is Miss Bea’s favorite way to dress. Sequins are totally in for tweens right now and the Flip Sequin Star Button Waist Jeggings are sure to be a favorite in every girl’s wardrobe. I could totally go for a pair of these jeggings if they came in my size!

Lacey Boho Top from Justice Fashion for Tweens

Bea loves all things Boho these days – from her room to the way she dresses. Paired with the cool jeggings is a Lacey Boho Top. We love the girly color as well as the flowy nature of the top. 

Now that we’ve covered several pieces of Justice fashion for girls, you can’t forget about the accessories! Lucky for us Justice sent us the perfect Glitter High Top Sneaker to go with every piece of clothing showcased.

Justice Fashion for Tweens

Take a peek at all of the accessories to finish off the ultimate back-to-school looks. In addition to the many trendy school backpacks, there are fashion bags like this metallic mini backpack. Needless to say Justice has all the best back-to-school fashion for tweens. Hopefully your tween will be bursting at the seems with confidence, for a great start to a new school year.


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