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Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge Accepted

Keith and Emily Take on their Master Bath

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the day I can share that am participating in the fall Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge. This is season 4 of the six week challenge and I’ll be competing with and against 10 other bloggers. Jeffrey Court is the maker of beautiful tile sold at The Home Depot.

Each of us has been tasked with completing a renovation project involving tile. Lucky for me, I have quite the handyman by my side who will be doing everything himself (with a little help from me).

Master Bathroom Before pictures

No two projects will be the same amongst the participating influencers, which makes following along super fun! Some may be adding a backsplash to their kitchen counters, others may be tearing out and laying new tile floors in their entries, or perhaps tiling a fireplace. My project however, is going to be big! I’ll need all the luck, prayers and crossed fingers I can get. Plus, in a couple of weeks I will also need your votes! What is a little competition without a prize, after all?!

The winner of the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge will receive a $5,000 Dream Vacation and believe me, we’ll be needing it when these six weeks are up. Let me tell you all about our project!

Master Bathroom Before pictures

Since my home was built in 1878 it didn’t originally have bathrooms (or closets). Previous owners added electricity, thank goodness. A master bath was never added and boy have I missed it. One owner converted a small bedroom into a large walk-in closet for the master. In my opinion, it was too big and had too much wasted space. Our solution was to cut that room in half and add a master bath. 

Master Bathroom Ceiling Before pictures

Bathroom Ceiling Before

Last year, Keith added custom shelving to maximize our new smaller closet. He also built a wall and a pocket door to what would someday be our master bathroom. That day kept getting pushed back and pushed back. A little demo and plumbing was done last year, but the room just never went any further. When I learned about the Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge I was all in because then it would mean my bathroom would finally get finished!

Master Bathroom Before with Window pictures

You know how it goes, there’s always another project that pops up and others have to take a backseat. Since Keith is in construction and custom furniture building, it can be difficult to come home motivated to do more physical labor. Then other things break or need taking care of, and the list goes on. Earlier this  year, I did get Keith to add a window to our someday bathroom, so at least there’s some light in there!

The bathroom won’t get put off any longer because the challenge begins next week!! Each week I will post an update here on the blog – with our progress and hopefully some tips for demo clean-up, picking out tiling, laying tile, and the works. Be sure to also follow my Instagram stories, where there will be live footage and photos as we go. I’ll be enlisting your help once voting begins as well! Wish us luck on this adventure!!  Follow #JCRenovationChallenge on Instagram!

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