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DIY Gingerbread Woman Costume from Boxes

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Gingerbread Woman Costume

It’s the busiest (most fun) time of year, in my opinion. As we gear up for our first big holiday, it’s time to be planning Halloween costumes! I’m the one who doesn’t like spending a lot on costumes that get worn once a year so we’re DIYing it. You may remember last year’s DIY Gingerbread Man Costume, which was a big hit. This year, I’ve teamed up with Amazon Prime to bring you more fun Boxtumes (Box Costumes). Going with last year’s theme, Miss Bea helped us with an adorable DIY Gingerbread Woman Costume  by using their iconic Amazon smile boxes.

Amazon Boes

Between recovering from surgery and the craziness that is my life right now, we’ve been shopping on Amazon Prime for nearly everything. Their fast, free shipping  has been a lifesaver for everyday life (especially when it arrives the same day!) and now, for our Halloween costume! I’d like to challenge you to use up those Amazon smile boxes you likely already have and create something awesome for your kids, or even yourself, this Halloween!

If you’re a Prime member, you shouldn’t have to go to the store for any supplies for your DIY Gingerbread Woman Costume! You likely have everything on hand already, which is even better! You’ll want to use different size boxes if making for an adult, but this Gingerbread Woman was made for my 10 year old.

Gingerbread Woman Costume

DIY Gingerbread Woman Costume

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:

  • 1 medium Amazon smile box
  • 2 small Amazon smile boxes
  • Tape
  • Construction paper 
  • 2 straps or ribbons

Top half:

Amazon Prime box

Because we want a dress, and for it to cover all of the important parts, we’re using two boxes. For the top half, tape up one end of the medium box. You’ll then use a compass to draw a large round circle right in the center. This is for your head. You can use a utility knife, or if you haven’t taped the box up yet you can lay it flat and use scissors to cut out the circle. Then tape up the box top.

DIY Gingerbread Woman Arms

With the bottom of the box left open and the flaps hanging down, you’ll use a utility knife to cut an opening for each arm. Start this box opening about an inch and a half down from the taped up top, on each side. Gauge the size based on the size of the person wearing the costume. This could be a child or an adult costume.


Gingerbread woman skirt top

Without taping up any of the box, fold the top edges over and in toward the center about 1 1/2″ all the way around. I recommend using a piece of wood or a hard firm edge to get a nice even fold. Overlap each corner and hot glue them together, so you have a square/rectangle. This will be the top of your skirt. Allow the remainder of the box to hang down freely. 

Gingerbread Skirt Steps

To flare the skirt out, use the bottom flaps and angle them out a few inches. Then cut a piece of cardboard to fit right up into the notch of the hanging flap. Hot glue the new piece in place. Fold the extra hanging piece over a piece of wood and hot glue to the adjacent box flap. You’ll need to use a razor to cut off excess cardboard and create a nice edge for the bottom of the skirt. Repeat this on all 4 corners/flaps.

Gingerbread Woman Skirt

Lastly, get two straps and hot glue them to the inside edge of the skirt, for suspenders. You’ll want to measure and test out the length for the straps, to fit your child or yourself.


Gingerbread Head

For the head, you’ll use a small box to cut out the pieces. You’ll need two same-size circles about a foot in diameter.

DIY Gingerbread Woman Head

Then cut one long piece of box to curve completely around the flat circle pieces, to connect the front and back together. Lay the first circle down on the table and start curving the long cardboard piece around the edges of the circle. You won’t want it to go all the way around because you need an opening for your head. Leave about 8″ or so open, for your head to get through. This size will vary depending on the size head wearing the DIY Gingerbread Woman costume. Start taping the flat circle to the curved cardboard piece, and work your way around the inside. Repeat with the back circle, to complete your head.


Gingerbread Woman Head

Now it’s time to cut out your eyes. You can also do this before attaching the head pieces. Gauge where your child’s eyes will fall and use a utility knife to cut two small circles out of the cardboard headpiece.

Bea painting gumdrop buttons

It’s time to cut out all the shapes from the construction paper and/or felt. First do the eyes. Use something round to get two even circles, then fold them and half and cut a wedge out of the center, to go over your cut out eye holes. Cut out two matching eyebrows, mouth, three gumdrop buttons and all the squiggly frosting pieces. We used cardboard scraps for the buttons and painted them colors that Bea liked (to match her bow). You can glue these onto the box or use tape (it holds just fine).

Gingerbread Woman Costume

There you have it, a quick and easy Gingerbread Woman Costume that comes together in no time at all, and the expense is next to nothing! You can wear with tan colored leggings, tights or just bare legs and boots! Add a long sleeve tan tee for chillier weather.

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