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Simple Fall Porch Decor with Artificial Trees and Plants

Anyone who has seen my house knows how much I love to decorate my big ol’ porch. Why have a huge porch if you’re not going to decorate it for every season and holiday? I’m partnering with Nearly Natural to showcase my latest simple fall porch decor with artificial trees and plants. The trees and plants I’ve received are so perfect that I’m even showing my fall to Halloween transformation, using the same plants!

Outdoor Artificial Plants from Nearly Natural

Simply Fall Porch Decor

No matter the season or holiday, I’m always looking for the perfect pieces to display on my porch. I’m so in love with my latest outdoor artificial plants from Nearly Natural that I plan to keep these potted plants on my porch year round. I can easily dress up these Pond Cypress Topiaries for each holiday, as standalone pieces or to tie in with any other porch decor I have. I typically have loads of decor for Halloween and Christmas, and I’m working on the other holidays.

Simple Fall Porch Decorating with Artificial Trees and Plants

However, for years like this one where I had surgery at the beginning of fall, I can easily simplify my porch decor with the help of these gorgeous artificial plants. I picked up a bunch of pumpkins at Trader Joe’s, threw them on my steps and topped the steps with the Pond Cypress Topiaries. Add a bow and Voila – simple fall porch decor in no time at all! If you really want to go crazy, get a wreath for the door and a couple of small bales of hay. I have these big lanterns that I love to change up throughout the holidays as well. 

Simple Halloween Porch Decor

To transition from fall to Halloween porch decor, it’s simple! Ever since I picked out the Pond Cypress Topiaries, I knew just what I wanted to do for Halloween. I added some skulls I picked out from Dollar Tree, and these super cute cobweb boys, which ended up looking like bowties! I’m in love.

Simple Halloween Porch Decor

I may add some mini blacklights, but we’ll have to see. I’m thinking twinkle lights and a buffalo plaid bow for Christmas, but you’ll have to come back and check out my Instagram to see what we decide to do.

English Ivy Tree in Farmhouse Planter

While shopping Nearly Natural, I couldn’t help but pick out this 4′ English Ivy Tree in Farmhouse Planter. It’s perfect for my house and it keeps finding it’s way from my porch to my entryway, to my living room. I kind of love it in all of these spaces so I’m having a difficult time settling on just where to leave it. I don’t have much of an entryway since my front door opens right into our staircase, but this lovely artificial tree fits perfectly behind the door. This way, anytime we’re headed outside or upstairs, I get to glance on it’s beauty. The Ivy is super realistic looking and I love that I don’t have to worry about watering it. The Farmhouse Planter ties in lovely with my house and I plan to add a buffalo plaid bow for the holidays.

Simple Fall Porch Decorating with Artificial Trees and Plants

If you don’t have a green thumb or want some excellent plants to dress up your space year round, these outdoor artificial trees and plants are perfect! I’m telling you, this simple fall porch decorating couldn’t be easier, or cuter really.

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