DIY Football Silverware Organizers

DIY Football Silverware Organizers

Getting ready for the big game this weekend? My boys are excitedly planning their fist friend viewing party. Whether you’re in it for the football, the commercials or the company and yummy eats, everyone loves a themed party! For the big game this weekend, throw a football tailgate (or homegate) in style with these cute diy Football Silverware Organizers! They’re the most adorable way to serve up your cutlery. If you want a fun way to serve up the wings and sides then my simple diy Football-themed containers are a win. All you’ll need is some large cans and a nail!

For these DIY Footballs Silverware Organizers, you’ll need some cans, these printables and some wire. Plus a little glue of course.

Putting this together is so easy and you’ll have a cute football themed piece of decor that’s functional for every game viewing party. After you’ve opened up your cans of baked beans, don’t throw them away just yet! We’re going to turn the cans into a cute football silverware organizer that you can use over and over again, during each football season. You’ll have your baked beans for eating, and the cans will be repurposed into just the right silverware and straw holders.

DIY Football Silverware Organizers

What you need:

  • 4 empty food cans, all the same size
  • Hammer and nail
  • 20-inches 16 gauge wire
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Printable labels


  • Wash out the now-empty cans and remove the label. Most labels peel right off, but it’s okay if they leave some residue. 
  • Cut out each of the printable labels. Each label should be 4”x9.5”. Glue to the can, where the ends slightly overlap. Add a drop of glue to attach the label to itself at the end.
  • Using the hammer and nail, poke a hole in top of each of the cans. The hole needs to be just big enough to fit the 16 gauge wire through it.
  • Glue the first 2 cans together, with the punched holes facing each other. Repeat with the remaining 2 cans. Now glue the sets of 2 to each other, along the sides. 
  • Prepare the handle by leaving 8-inches of wire as one side of the handle, and wrapping the next 4-inches around a pencil. There should be 8-inches remaining, for the other side of the handle.
  • Thread one side of the wire through the two punched holes. Bring the end up and twist around some of the handle. Pinch tight with pliers, so nobody gets cut. Repeat with the other side of the handle, through the remaining two punched holes.
  • Fill cans with plastic forks, spoons, knives, and straws (or napkins).

DIY Football Silverware Organizers

*Tip: When selecting which sides to punch the hole, and glue to each other, pick the best part of the label to be facing outward.


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