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My Experience with Plastic Surgery and a Mommy Makeover

Size 2 dress after abdominoplasty

I haven’t shared a surgery update in a while but now that I’m 5 months post-op with Dr. Yamahata it’s time I fill you in on my experience with plastic surgery and a mommy makeover! Every so often I share pictures and updates in my Instagram stories so I hope you’re following me over there. In September of 2019 I had an extended abdominoplasty and mastopexy with augmentation, performed by the wonderful Dr. Yamahata. 

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How much do you want to know?

I polled everyone on Instagram regarding how much information and photos I should share and the majority want all the nitty gritty. A few of you didn’t want surgical photos or anything too personal so I’ll have a “See More” button for any questionable or squeamish worthy photos for the curious to click through. I will share my recovery, thoughts and feelings, as well as a before and after photo. Then you have the choice to click for MORE! My post will be broken down with subheadings in case there’s a topic you want to skip over. I just want you to have all the information you want or need to help you decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you. 

Mommy Makeover Surgery – What to Expect

The First 24 Hours

These days many surgeries are outpatient and this was the case for my abdominoplasty and mastopexy with augmentation. I will say the first 24 hours were definitely the hardest so having full-time care at home is crucial. Getting up is nearly impossible and simple movements are even a challenge. I was set up downstairs in a recliner with an end table nearby with everything I needed at an arm’s reach. After both procedures you won’t want to twist, reach or move much for the first 24 hours. 


The most difficult part of my experience with plastic surgery was the first evening at home, with the anesthesia still working its way out of my system. The surgery center sent us home with cleansing wipes with ammonia in them, to wave under my nose if I got lightheaded. I was lightheaded and about passed out before being sent home so we figured it would likely happen at home and it did. Getting up and making the long trek to the bathroom was pretty awful and it took all that I had (ammonia too) to not pass out and end up in a pile on the floor. I had to stop and rest partway there as well. While this might sound awful, it passed quickly and was just how my body handled the anesthesia. Everything got better from here on out.


Dr. Yamahata (with my permission) had my surgery recorded and some of it was put on Instagram. I was really happy to have this as I recovered because it was cool to see what I actually had done, and the amazing immediate results! If you’re squeamish then you won’t want to look, but you can click here to see the photos and video from my mommy makeover surgery. I find it all so fascinating. 

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