Foggy Window Repair Options

With winter comes rain, storms and the real test of how our house is holding up against the weather. We rely on our homes for safety and protection, but also for energy efficiency and appeal. I love my home and all it provides my family and me. I’m happiest when my home looks good and functions well. My parents just bought a house and it came with its challenges – foggy windows being one of them. Luckily I’ve been working with The Glass Guru and recently got informed on their foggy window repair options. If your windows aren’t holding up to the wind and rain as well as they should, this article is for you!

Foggy dual-pane windows is when condensation or residue occurs between the panes. The severity of the damage will determine which options is best for you. There are 3 primary window repair options and The Glass Guru can help determine which is right for your windows. 

Foggy Window Repair Options


Glass restoration can be done on windows and shower glass, even though they will have different issues. When it comes to dual-pane windows, The Glass Guru has a moisture removal and prevention process that can fix the problem at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They actually began their company in 2004 working primarily on window restoration. Window replacement can be expensive, but The Glass Guru has been a pioneer in window restoration services and have proven to save money, time and hassle to help make your home or business look great again.

Foggy Window Repair Options

A big reason windows fog is due to window seal failure. A failed seal around the insulated glass piece of a window allows moisture-laden air to get in between the panes. Air plus moisture leads to condensation and foggy windows. With proprietary window restoration technologies, The Glass Guru can help you solve your foggy window problems at a fraction of the cost of replacement, typically saving around 50% or more! Plus, rest easy knowing the restoration is backed by a fully-transferable 10-year warranty.


Foggy Window Repair Options

Perhaps your windows need more than just a little restoration. The Glass Guru specializes in lower-cost window repair options that you likely won’t find available elsewhere. What I really appreciate about them is that they won’t always go right for the big sell (new windows). They will give you all the options and offer repair or restoration if it will save you money, and give you a nice end result.

If any window parts require replacement, The Glass Guru provides a full line of products from leading manufacturers and fabricators to provide residential and commercial customers the best possible options and pricing for any situation.


Foggy Window Repair Options

If restoration and repairs are not enough, or isn’t a cost-effective option then there’s always window replacement. The bonus is that new windows add value to your home, and you’ll have a beautiful investment.  In addition to curb appeal new windows increase resale value, reduce heating/cooling costs and increases the comfort of your home. With my house being nearly 150 years old let’s just say we’re still working on it’s energy efficiency. Windows have been replaced over time, but I just know some of them could use replacing again. They all look okay, but I know we’re losing money on utilities because our home isn’t efficient enough. 

Whether you own a business or a home, windows make up a big and important part of our space. I’m certainly no window expert, but The Glass Guru is. They have locations all over the United States, and they can answer all of your glass and window questions. 

*While we are all practicing social distancing, The Glass Guru is considered an essential business and may still be able to help you during this time. Give them a call and find out!

The Glass Guru Franchise Systems, Inc. has been a leading glass and window restoration, repair, and replacement franchise since 2007, and continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in the industry. In addition to a offering a proprietary, money-saving restoration service for failed insulated windows, the company‚Äôs 75+ full-service locations across North America are a one-stop solution for all of your residential glass needs.  For more information visit theglassguru.com. To learn more  about The Glass Guru franchise opportunity, visit theglassgurufranchise.com.

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