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How to Decorate Your Kids Room for Christmas

Bring holiday cheer into the home early this year with tips on how to decorate your kids’ room for Christmas. 2020 could use it!

Let’s face it, we’re all wishing for the Grinch NOT to steal Christmas this year. The annual Christmas decorating sessions, company Christmas parties, school holiday luncheons, and most importantly – spending time with people we love, is the best part of Christmas.  While we won’t be caroling along Main Street, why not spread holiday cheer to the kids’ bedrooms? Go ahead with the DIY and have some fun while creating a safe space for the little ones to play in. It’s been a tough year for all – especially for kids  – and many have been looking forward to holiday nostalgia. Some have even already put up their trees in hopes of the holiday spirit warming the home. An artificial Christmas tree is the perfect way to get holly and jolly while getting a head start on the holiday fun.

Tips to decorate the kids’ room for Christmas 

1. Pick a Christmas theme

While this may seem like a no-brainer, picking a Christmas theme is probably the most crucial part of the decorating session. You will end up in a Pinterest rabbit hole without first picking and sticking to a theme. Remember to get the kids involved and let them choose the theme they like best. Here are some Christmas décor ideas: pinecones, Christmas princesses, Santa Claus, Grinch, Natural Winter Wonderland, candy cane, Nutcracker, gingerbread, beach, or snowman. We can’t wait to see your Christmas inspired room.

2. Set a budget

With the only thing guaranteed this year  – uncertainty – you can take control and be sure of your finances by setting a budget early. Many families have seen a reduction in income; this is why it’s even more critical to establish a budget. Before you start buying decorations, remember to stick to this budget to avoid lengthy returns and other headaches. Even if you’re on a budget, with DIY gaining traction this year, you can still create your mini-Christmas wonderland without spending a fortune

3. Pick an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas tree

No matter your taste, budget, or style, there is a tree out there for you. With the popularity of Fall, Halloween, and Valentine Christmas trees, you can keep the kids entertained and create new merry memories with loved ones. We recommend a small Christmas tree for the kids’ rooms so the kids can decorate it with ornaments, tree toppers, and accents. Place this mini tree on the tabletop or a lonely corner that needs some holiday love. Let the little one’s personality shine and display their decorations proudly. 

4. Don’t forget about the doors 

The doors deserve some love too! One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is by creating a welcoming greeting with some fun door décor. Think outside the box and let the kids express their creativity and personality. Wreaths are the perfect accents for kids to add their personal touch. They can even create a DIY wreath based on their style and taste. Some holiday door themes include the Grinch, snowman, rustic, elves, gingerbread house, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Christmas flowers, and Santa. A popular trend this season is adding double and even triple wreaths on the doors

No matter how you decorate the kids’ room for Christmas, be sure to get them involved! It’s their space after all, so have fun together while bringing in holiday cheer.

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