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Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

As if 2020 hasn’t been weird enough, now I’m talking about the benefits of pre-planning funeral and cremation services. I promise we don’t have to make it weird and you’ll see why this is an important topic. This post is sponsored by Chapel of the Chimes, but all opinions are my own.

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Having planned my daughter’s funeral and assisting in planning my grandparents’ and father-in-law’s funerals, I know the effort this takes. Dealing with the end of life is extremely emotional and trying without the added worry of funeral planning. I say let’s personally do all we can to ease the burden of our own funeral services by pre-planning now. It’s a great way to show our loved ones we care!

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Let’s talk about your own funeral for a hot minute. We all want our loved ones to remember us for the good we’ve done, right? I don’t know about you, but I hope my funeral is a celebration of my life and the way I lived. Who plans a big party in just a week? For the most part, only people who didn’t pre-plan funeral arrangements! That’s kind of crazy when you think about it. While I believe funerals are for the living to say their goodbyes and honor the life lived, I know the burden of having to plan such a big event when grieving. By pre-planning your own services it can alleviate a huge amount of stress on those left behind. Plus, it’ll be the kind of celebration you want it to be. 

I recently learned about Chapel of the Chimes Hayward and have been in awe over all they offer in the way of mortuary, crematory and cemetery services. Add the gorgeous grounds and the several serene places to ponder and think, and you’ve got excellent full-service funeral planning partners on your side. If you haven’t considered pre-planning funeral services, I want to bring to light some of the reasons you may want to look into this.

Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services


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No matter the type of funeral, burial or cremation services you decide on, there can be a hefty expense attached. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to worry about money or how they’re going to be able to afford burying their loved one. Planning ahead provides the freedom to save and figure out how end of life services and needs will be paid for. Most people don’t like to think about their own death and certainly not how those surviving will pay for it. It’s a smart thing to do though! Setting up a special funeral fund or signing up for funeral insurance are just a couple of ideas, but most importantly, make sure your loved ones know how to access the funds! Chapel of the Chimes Hayward offers freeze Pricing, and guards against inflation. Because inflation is bound to happen, it is comforting to know you can lock in funeral prices now! 

Stress on Survivors

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I touched on this briefly earlier, but pre-planning funeral services will alleviate stress on survivors because they won’t have to try to figure out what you would want when you’re no longer there to tell them. I’ve heard too many stories of family members fighting over how to handle funeral services. Everyone has a different opinion and idea of how they want to say goodbye. If the big decisions are made ahead of time then loved ones can spend this time celebrating your life rather than fighting over how to say goodbye.

To Honor Your Wishes

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Trying to guess what the deceased would want, during an already challenging time, is a difficult task. Do you want an open casket or closed, graveside service or in a funeral home? There are many questions to be answered, but with funeral pre-arrangement plans you can be the one to answer them! My father-in-law had some of his desires made known before he passed, which was helpful in some ways. He didn’t want his family to spend a lot of money on funeral services and made that wish known. However, aside from pre-purchasing a burial plot (that crossed one thing off everyone’s to-do list) his funeral planning didn’t go much beyond that. Family was left to figure out how honor Pop’s wishes while paying a respectful tribute to his life. There were many different ideas thrown around, but ultimately it was tough because not everyone knew what Pop would want.

Self reliance

Having your affairs in order at the end of your life says a lot about your self reliance. My husband is extremely self reliant and I know he’d never want his funeral planning to be a burden on anyone because that’s exactly how he lives his life. Taking care of your funeral arrangements is a beautiful way to continue caring for your loved ones after you are gone. That last tidbit of self reliance is a kind way to ease your loved one’s burdens when they are feeling such a loss. 

Know Your Options

Benefits of Pre-Planning Funeral Services

By doing research now, you’ll know your options and hopefully have a good idea of the type of funeral or cemetery service you want. The good folks over at Chapel of the Chimes Hayward want to help in any way they can. I highly recommend walking around the grounds because they are magnificent, with breathtaking views everywhere you look. I’ve never seen any cemetery like it. Whether buried or cremated, there is a beautiful spot for everyone, with many cultures and beliefs in mind. Indoors there are sofas and chairs to sit near fountains or glass cases with beautiful urns and momentos.

If the pandemic is a worry for you and you’re in the need of funeral planning assistance right away, rest easy knowing Chapel of the Chimes Hayward is taking precautions to keep everyone COVID safe. They have options for interactive online memorial services and even virtual arrangements. Whether you want to plan ahead for your own funeral or for someone you care for, Chapel of the Chimes has an abundance of information in their Free Funeral Planning Guide. Download the guide today and cross this worry off your list.



Because I’ve had some experience with funeral planning, you are welcome to read more about my daughter’s funeral or my grandpa’s funeral.

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  • This is such an important post. Of course, none of us likes to think about dying, but it’s going to happen at some point. We need to plan now rather than leave it to our loved ones to handle later.

  • This is a task that we all tend to put off but is so necessary. I still do not know where my final resting place will be so i need to make these important decisions.

  • My grandmother and my mother pre-planned their funerals. It was one less thing we had to worry about when the time came. This is something my husband and I should do as well.

  • This topic really makes me sad. But it’s always better to be prepared, especially for the ones we are going to leave behind.

  • I know it’s such a sensitive topic and one we’d rather not think about, Ryan! But a little preparedness can save us or loved ones some grief later.

  • It’s good that you mentioned that by preplanning our funeral, we can alleviate the stress on our remaining loved ones since they won’t have to worry about how to handle the funeral services if everything is already prepared beforehand. I heard my colleague at work talk about making payments for her pre-arrangements the other day, so I considered doing the same as well for my kids’ sake. I’ll take note of this while I look for funeral homes in Pearson to contact about pre-arrangements soon.

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