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Why Choose Resilient Flooring On Your Next Home Project

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Why Choose Resilient Flooring On Your Next Home Project

It’s a known fact that I love a good home makeover and I’m about at my wits’ end having gone a year without a big home project. We sold our 1878 farmhouse last year and moved into a rental, but we’re about ready to start remodeling again. One of the first things I want to change is the flooring, but what flooring do I get? After research I find myself beginning to understand why one should choose resilient flooring on your next home project. Because I’m a sharer, I want to share what I’ve learned!

When I get into a remodel I like doing my homework and one of the ways I do that is by talking to friends and visiting model homes. I love walking through model homes just to see what’s trendy right now and to get ideas for my own home. A common theme I keep coming across is that resilient floors are HOT right now and will be for quite some time! The other theme I’ve encountered is how working with the environment instead of against the environment, is also hot. That’s where Beautifully Responsible® Resilient Flooring really comes into play. 

What Is Resilient Flooring?

The term resilient means to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. In regard to flooring installation, resilience refers to possessing strength and flexibility to stand up to the average family’s wear and tear. Resilient flooring has more “give” than hardwood, stone, cement, or ceramic tile but less than carpet, making it an ideal choice for everyday life. This type of flooring holds space somewhere between soft floors (such as carpeting) and hard floors.

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Types of Resilient Flooring

There are 7 types of resilient flooring and you are likely familiar with many of them by their name. You just might not have known they fit this category. The one that is increasing in popularity is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), but it even has two variations. Here are the 7 types:

  • Flexible luxury vinyl tile
  • Rigid luxury vinyl tile
  • Sheet vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Cork
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl Composition Tile

If you have kids or just need flooring that can withstand the demands of high foot traffic, hybrid flooring is the best choice. Hybrid floors can last for decades – so if you want a long-lasting option, this is a great solution.

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Why Choose Resilient Flooring?


As I mentioned earlier, resilient flooring is said to withstand most the average family can throw at it (literally and figuratively). I’m talking juice spills, crayons, puppy nails and all of life’s other unexpected moments – Beautifully Responsible® Resilient flooring has your back. This flooring category can hold up through heavy traffic and busy families, while maintaining its good looks. You don’t have to worry about this flooring doesn’t losing its lamination, swelling when wet or cracking under pressure. You can also use a flooring that has high acoustic properties if you want to minimize the noise inside your home.


Beautifully Responsible® flooring partners are committed to environmental health and safety and corporate social responsibility. They are proactively and transparently assessing ingredients as a part of mindful manufacturing. In addition to less waste because flooring won’t have to be replaced as often, you can also count on resilient flooring such as bamboo flooring partners reducing energy and recycling factory-made material back into products. I personally love getting behind manufacturers who get behind sustainability and what’s good for the earth. 

The “no compromises” approach of Beautifully Responsible® partners puts beauty and responsibility together. They’ve improved efficiency in manufacturing , which means “less greenhouse gases are emitted in the process. Less carbon is “embodied” within the product.”

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Beauty and Well-Being

I put beauty and well-being together because if I’ve learned that my emotional well-being is stronger when I’m surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things. That could be an organized pantry, tidy countertops, a well decorated room or beautiful floors throughout my house. In addition to the beauty of the latest resilient flooring offers, they offer even more for your well-being. 

If you’re an allergy sufferer like me you can feel good knowing Beautifully Responsible® Resilient Flooring cares about your air quality. They contribute to good indoor air quality and are free from hazardous substances such as formaldehyde (not all flooring can say that and that’s kind of scary). Resilient floors can also be easily cleaned without harsh chemicals.

Select the right resilient flooring for you by checking out the Beautifully Responsible® partners. The possibilities and designs are endless! 

While I hope I shared many of the points for why you should choose resilient flooring, I highly recommend you visit BeautifullyResponsible.com to learn more. I think I’m convinced. Now can I please rip out this old flooring I’m living with?

Why Choose Resilient Flooring On Your Next Home Project

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