Mommy Makeover Surgery Photos

Ever wonder what a mommy makeover entails and what the actual surgery looks like? Here are the surgical photos from my abdominoplasty and mastopexy with augmentation, performed by Dr. Yamahata. If you’re squeamish at all, proceed with caution as these mommy makeover surgery photos are graphic! I’m sharing these photos in an effort to be helpful to those who may be considering plastic surgery. Be sure to read all about my reasons for getting surgery and what the recovery has been like (posts are linked at the bottom of this post).

Graphic photos ahead

If you can’t stand blood or anatomy then I recommend exiting now! Head back to my post covering my experience with plastic surgery and a mommy makeover. These photos are all from surgery day.


Before Surgery



Skin removal from stomach 

Abdominoplasty surgery photos

Liposuction from flanks

Diastasis recti repair (stitching abdominal muscles back together) 1st photo shows the gap between muscles. Second photo shows 3 rows of sutures.

After tummy tuck

Post Mommy Makeover (abdominoplasty and mastopexy with augmentation)

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