BlogHer ’11

 BlogHer ’11

I know many of you have been wanting to hear about my trip. Rather than right paragraphs upon paragraphs of the amazing things I got to do and see, I will try to keep it brief by highlighting my favorite things!


Taking a Pedi Cab (if you don’t know what that is, it’s a little cab/seat pulled by a bicyclist), with a cutie pulling us. I got a ride with Carlee from At Home Moma. We made sure to have him name a price before we left. Many people got very taken advantage of by these pedi cabs!

Meeting several of the bloggers I’ve worked closely with online, in person! Made some great longlasting friendships.

Meeting Bob Harper and getting to workout with him. (Biggest Loser trainer) The great picture is on my phone so I will upload it later.

Seeing the street magician make himself disappear (hilarious video to come).

The Big Toy Book Event, where I got to play with new toys that haven’t hit shelves yet, eat Pinkberry (YUM!) and make some great connections, including KidzVuz!! There were so many different brands and awesome toys there, that I can’t wait to start sharing some of them with you!

Viewing the prescreening of “The Help” with Disney. Awesome movie, with review to come.

Taking a limo ride for the very first time, to dinner with the team. And eating dinner with them at one of the restaurants of one of Top Chef’s chefs.

Learning about Cause Marketing by Jimmy Dean.

Learning about the Text 4 Baby campaign, by Johnson’s. Details to come later.

Tons of free swag (goodies) to bring home.

Lots of networking and connecting with brands. Should be some great reviews and giveaways to come!

Meeting the real Elmo, Abby and Cookie Monster, from Sesame Street!

Getting a manicure, chair massage and henna, courtesy of Chase Blueprint!

Meeting Hal from Swagbucks.

Okay there are just so many highlights that I can’t possibly list them all! It was a great time and can’t wait to go again next year. It’s going to be in New York City!!! So excited!

*A big thank you again to my sponsor, Activate Drinks, for helping pay for some of my expenses. If you haven’t checked them out already, be sure to stop by their facebook page and let them know Clever Housewife sent you. I would really appreciate it!

**I am also looking for sponsorship for next year’s BlogHer, if you or anyone you know are interested.

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