Free Kindle Book: Kissing Adrien

Today’s Free Kindle Book looks like a romance. Even better – it has 4.5 stars from 47 customer reviews! Get Kissing Adrien, by Siri Mitchell.


“Claire Le Noyer, 29 , wants a do-over. She wants the life where she majors in history, not accounting. Where she takes two-hour lunches, not ten minutes in front of her computer. Where her pastor boyfriend treats her like an attractive women he’s deeply in love with, not like a nice pet dog.

But for now she’s a Seattle numbers-cruncher with a wardrobe from REI sent to fashionable Paris to check out an apartment left to her parents by a mysterious cousin. When her childhood crush– handsome, pleasure-loving, and very French Adrien—introduces Claire to the City of Lights, she cautiously begins to embrace another way of living.”

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