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(Ends Today) Imperial Toys Review and Giveaway: Enchanted Bubble Tea Party Set, Hi-Beam Illuminator Bubble Blaster and Kaos Catapult

My little princess and I had the best Tea Party with The Enchanted Bubble Tea Party Set featuring Super Miracle Bubbles. My little gal was so excited to sit down with mommy, and the tea party didn’t end as quickly as it usually does, because we had a fun activity to do. The Enchanted Bubble Tea Party Set is darling with its different shades of pink, precious Disney Princess character design and party service for 4.
The charming bubble tea set includes bubble wand tea cups, bubble wand spoons, saucer dipping trays, a tea pot for bubble solution, and Enchanted Bubble Solution. Simply pour bubble solution into the tea pot, serve bubble solution onto the dipping tray, dip the bubble wand spoon into the solution filled dipping tray and blow tons of bedazzling bubbles out of the bubble tea cup! These bubbles were nice and big, which the kids loved! For sure we’ll be doing this for future birthday parties, play dates, and outdoor adventures.

Not to be outdone, my 3 guys couldn’t wait to Light Up The Night with the Hi-Beam Illuminator bubble blaster powered by the new Glow Fusion Bubble Solution! Parents, be sure to assist your kids with the process of transferring the Infusion Activators (A & B) into Super Miracle Bubbles. The guys got ahead of me and we had to start over. Once you add A, then B activators, you mix for 30 seconds but do not shake. Attach and secure bubble solution into the opening underneath the Hi-Beam Illuminator. Compress and hold trigger as glow fusion bubble solution glides through the Hi-Beam Illuminator and creates tons of continuous bubbles! For another super WOW effect, point the blaster up against a wall and see an amazing silhouette with flowing bubble images! You can watch a quick video on how this works, here. It was still a bit chilly for an evening outdoor activity, but we can’t wait for some summer heat to go outside and Light Up the Night! The Hi-Beam Illuminator is reusable with any Super Miracle Bubble Solution. The recommended age on this fun gadget is 5+.
Since I’ve got 3 boys, the Kaos Catapult was perfect for some Spring Break outdoor excitement. The guys loved the opportunity to experience the incredibly insane power of the KAOS Catapult, which enabled them to launch water balloons down the street. Easter morning the boys could not wait to go outside and give it a whirl, so I went ahead and filled ONE water balloon. We went outside and gave it a launch. Shh – don’t tell the neighbors that we accidentally hit the back of their car! I wasn’t anticipating the power, but it was so much fun!

The directions say balloons can go up to an astounding 300 feet (nearly 100 meters)! My 6 year old twins and 8 year old big brother weren’t quite strong enough for such a feat, but they had great fun trying. The KAOS Catapult is a three person high performance water balloon launcher made from durable cloth and features extremely sturdy stretchable rubber handles, ideally designed for accuracy and monstrous long range drenching! Powerfully packed for any water balloon battlefield, the KAOS Catapult kicks AWESOME right out of the ballpark and into a whole new dimension of excitement! Of course, I had to give some stern warnings not to hit moving cars, or folks walking dogs. I’d recommend a park or open field for this activity. I would also recommend getting 2 for some great family fun. The recommended age on the Catapult is 8+, but like I said – my 6 year old twins had a blast with it.

*All 3 of these great Imperial Toys will be going with us to our Family Reunion this summer.

Now for the giveaways!! I will be giving away each of the 3 products: The Enchanted Bubble Tea Party Set, Hi-Beam Illuminator and Kaos Catapult. There will be 3 winners – one for each item. This giveaway will end at 11:59pm on 5/1. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below:

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Imperial Toys provided me with the above mentioned toys. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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