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Living With and Managing Rosacea + RosaceaFacts Ambassador Announcement

A few months ago, I wrote an article about Rosacea and what it means to many people. Living with and managing Rosacea is a struggle for more people than we even realize. There are many who may have Rosacea, and don’t even know it. I am excited to announce that I have been chosen as a RosaceaFacts Ambassador, sponsored by Galderma Laboratories, L.P. There was a special RosaceaFacts suite at the BlogHer’12 Expo. attending BlogHer ’12. I am excited to be working with these wonderful people, to help spread the word about Rosacea.

To refresh your memory, Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects over 16 million Americans, yet it is still somewhat  unknown and poorly understood. People who experience Rosacea symptoms often have flare-ups and periods of remission. Rosacea is
a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that causes persistent facial redness, blemishes and bumps. Although rosacea can affect anyone, people over age 30 with fair skin and a family history are most at risk. If you have experienced redness in the cheeks, or even burning and itching in the face, then see if any of these other symptoms apply to you. You could have Rosacea and may not even know it!

• Blushing: a tendency to blush or flush easily
• Redness: persistent redness in the center of the face
• Irritation: a burning or stinging sensation on the face; the skin also may itch or feel tight
• Bumps: red bumps, visible blood vessels and pus-filled pimples may occur
• Eyes: burning, itching, watery eyes and/or swollen eyelids

If you experience any of these things, definitely talk to your dermatologist. While the cause of this condition is not fully understood, there is some information out there, and some tips for help!

Researches believe that rosacea is caused by a combination of inflammatory proteins and peptides in the skin, rather than by bacteria. Some things that may cause flare-ups include seasonal weather conditions, emotional stress, exercise, alcohol consumption and spicy foods. You can try staying away from some of these things, and see if it helps!

There are also several FDA-approved treatments available (both topical and oral therapies) to help reduce the inflammatory lesions of rosacea. A dermatologist can determine which treatment is best for every patient. Lifestyle modifications to avoid triggers may also help manage symptoms.

Just know that you are not alone!

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Disclosure: I am a RosaceaFacts Ambassador, sponsored by Galderma Laboratories, L.P. I was provided with a free BlogHer conference pass, in exchange for my efforts in spreading the word about Rosacea Awareness. 

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Emily Buys


  • I’m not alone! Yay! Haha. Both my parents had rosacea set in while they were in their 50s, but unfortunately for me because of my family history, I’m only 23 and have it. It’s such a nightmare.

  • You are most definitely not alone. Since I have been participating in this campaign, I have heard of many people that deal with this on varying levels. I’m sorry it hit you so young!

  • I too was just finally diagnosed this past summer after suffering for years not knowing what it was. Lupus was even mentioned several times but put on the back burner. I finally broke down and went to a dermatologist who diagnosed the Rosasea and ordered Noritate cream for the symptoms. That has worked wonderfully. However was still having a hard time finding a cleanser and cream for my face that didn’t burn/irritate/ and cause itching and tightness. Trust me used almost everything on the shelves. She recommeded Cera Ve and boy…what a complete difference. I have combination skin and this worked wonders. The cream is awesome too. Can believe that I never tried it before. It is a little on the more expensive side…approx $12-$15 for the wash and $13-$16 for the lotions or creams. BUT WORTH EVERY PENNY. You use just a little bit so it goes a long way.

    Disclaimer….do not work for dermatologist or Cera Ve in any way shape or form…just happy that I finally found a product that I can use! My skin looks so much more healthier now too. I dont look like a dried up zombie!

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