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Dial Into Giving SIMPLE Service Project: The Donation #DialCFK

As we approach the holidays I often think of ways that I can serve others. I’m not always good about the follow through, but I feel it is an important thing to do. I don’t want my kids to grow up feeling greedy and spoiled, and to not know what it feels like to help someone else in need, or to do good. I can’t force these feelings on my children, but I can provide as many opportunities to serve as I can.

The holidays bring my thoughts closer to this act because I love the holidays so much, and I can’t imagine anyone having to suffer through them when there may be something I can do to help. Don’t get me wrong – I’m no saint, and I often fail, but I do try. Each year, the kids and I try to come up with ways that we can uplift another’s spirit. It may be that we bake goodies for people we love and care about, and who may be lonely. Sometimes we will anonymously drop gifts on people’s doorsteps, who may need cheering up, or just to know someone is thinking about them. I let my kids practice keeping the secret of staying anonymous and to know that even though we don’t always get recognition for our acts of service, they are still ever so important.

This Fall, the kids and I have been practicing service in a different way. I learned about Champions for Kids, and the many projects they are involved in. They come up with some of the ideas, and we just try to follow in their footsteps. Children are the next generation so why not try to do what we can to help raise them in positive ways?

I recently shared with you the Dial into Giving SIMPLE Service Project that I took part in. You can view my Google+ Album which has a series of pictures taking you through the entire experience. I set up a donation drive for my friends and family, to collect toiletry items to donate to a local women and children’s shelter. Hygiene is so important and it is easy to help someone else by providing the tools to take care of those basic needs. Hand washing is so important and some children may not even realize it, as they may not be able to afford even hand soap. Hand washing can help reduce germs that may cause disease, which then in turn will cause more expensive trips to the doctor or ER. We have hand soap near every sink in our house, but I still need to remind my children often, to wash their hands.  I did my shopping at Walmart and purchased several different Dial Soaps and other items. I collected items such as hand soap, body wash, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and more.

I chose to make my donation to Hands of Hope, which is a local shelter that takes women and children. Sometimes they come in with only the clothes off their own backs. I have helped donate items for this particular shelter, with projects my church has done, so I thought it was the perfect fit. I had the perfect little helper to help me get all of the supplies into grocery bags, to be ready for delivery.

Dial base liquid soaps are on rollback through the end of October, for just $.98, at Walmart. You can follow Dial on facebook and twitter, and see what they are doing to help! I would like to encourage you to make a purchase and donate to a local shelter or someone in need. It doesn’t have to take much to make an impact in your community. Sometimes there can be a ripple effect too, and perhaps you can get your friends and family to join you! Then feel free to share your service on the Champions for Kids website. You can also follow CFK on facebook and twitter.

You can do it!


“I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Champions for Kids. #DialCFK #CBias”

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  • What a great cause. You sparked an idea! I travel on a weekly basis and have often wondered who I could Bless by donating all of the hotel soaps, shampoos, etc. collected over the years. I will try to find my local Women and Children’s Shelter. Thanks for sharing Emily. 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing – what a great cause and perfect way to teach your daughter how to give back

  • What a wonderful idea for a great cause! I love doing things like this and involving my kids. I think it’s very important!

  • This is a great giving idea. We always concentrate on different ways to give during the holiday season, trying to make it a season of hope manifested in someone elses life. I absolutely love the ways in which you have done that. Oh, btw – better than sex cake is one of the things my family requests all the time. I am going to use your pumpkin twist, except with sweet potato. Thanks for that too!

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