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Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards On My iPad2 #CypherKidsClub

I recently purchased an iPad2, and I have been loving it! Not only do I love working and playing on my iPad, but of course, my kids do too. My kids have found a couple of games that they enjoy, but we recently learned about the Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards. These are an activity that we can all feel good about.

Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards are recommended for ages 3 and up, and can be purchased at select Target stores, for $29.99. There are three different sets of cards to choose from: Letters, Numbers, and Wild Animal Adventures. I decided to get a set of each so I could tr them all out. So far we are loving them all! With the Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards, I can feel better about the time my kids spend on my iPad, because I know they are learning some great concepts.

Because these cards are i3D interactive cards, my kids finally have something to keep them thoroughly engaged while shopping and traveling. Here is how the Cypher Kids Cards work. Simply download the different Cypher Kids apps, to your apple product. There is a different app for each set of cards. Once the app is downloaded, you interact with it using the physical cards you purchased at Target, for an augmented reality.

Depending on which set of cards you are playing with, the on-screen options may vary. You will basically hold one of the cards (the one listed on the screen), and an object or animal will come to life, in 3D! My oldest is almost 9, but enjoys learning about the different animals in the Wild Animal Adventures set, while viewing the animals in 3D. Technology simply amazes me. We tried each set of cards: Numbers, Letters and Wild Animal Adventures, and it’s a toss up between the numbers and letters game, for the most fun. There is more interaction such and some cute animation. I love that my daughter, only 3, can learn her numbers and letters in such a fun way.

The cards are easy to use, as long as you have them facing the correct way. I had to look at the help button briefly, because I couldn’t figure out why the images weren’t pulling up on my iPad. All I needed to do was turn the card around – I was doing it backwards! The cards and app are so easy to do that even my 3 year old can do it. These are so much fun, and I’m hoping that with more time with the cards, my 3 year old will improve with her learning!

To learn more about Cypher Kids Club, you can follow them on facebook and twitter. To see more about my shopping experience with the Cypher Kids Club Reality Cards, check out my Google+ Album.


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