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Showing My Soft Side With An Organization That Matters To Me: Deseret Industries

I share a lot of things with you all from recipes to crafts to personal stories, but today I want to share a little of my softer side. Those of you familiar with my story of infant loss, know that RSV awareness and March of Dimes are dear to my heart, but there is more to me than that. I participate in group service projects in my community, a couple of times each year. I also teach my kids to work hard and to serve others. Another way I try to help the community is by donating my family’s gently used items to Deseret Industries. This is an organization that is dear to my heart. Some of you may be familiar with Deseret Industries, also known as DI. Many of you may know Deseret Industries as thrift store, similar to Goodwill, but it is much more than just a thrift store.  Deseret Industries is both a nonprofit, vocational rehabilitation facility and a thrift store.

When I have gently used items that my family no longer needs, or we have outgrown, I donate them to DI. I don’t have a Deseret Industries right in my town, but a donation trailer can always be found in the parking lot of my church. At anytime, I can go drop off items that we no longer need. The trailer then makes it’s way to Deseret Industries, where the items are sorted through. They only accept nice quality items, to sell in the store. This may not seem all that special yet, but there’s more.

Deseret Industries takes those donated items and sells them to the community at very affordable prices. While I can just as well take those occasional items and sell them at a garage sale, I feel the benefits are far greater when I donate them to DI. People that can’t afford to go to a department store and purchase high end items, brand new, are able to benefit from these donated items. Even more than that, those purchases support a job and training program to help those in need. That’s my favorite part!

Deseret Industries offers a variety of training opportunities to help individuals gain the skills to succeed in today’s job market. That is where the money from DI purchases is going! Deseret Industries is great about employing people who struggle in some work situations, such as the handicapped and developmentally delayed. This company has such a great program implemented, and I love to help in any way I can. I’d love to hear in what ways you try to help your community!

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  • What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing about Deseret Industries. I’ve purchased many items there, as well as donated. I love the part that the profits go to help employ those who might not have jobs otherwise.

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