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Monsters University Freshman Orientation at Pixar Studios #MonstersUEvent

Two weeks ago, I had the Amazing opportunity to attend an all-expense paid media trip for Monsters University Freshman Orientation at Pixar Studios. Yes, it’s true that I went back to college for a couple of days. Not your ordinary college though. This one is scarier, funnier, and much much cooler!

Unfortunately, my Monsters University experience wasn’t quite the same as everyone else’s. Isn’t that how it always seems to go when it comes to college? My trip to the campus (Pixar Studios) started with a bad car accident on I-80. I was determined not to let the accident keep me away from freshman orientation! I made sure I got checked in, did my thing, and then headed to the ER for a thorough check-up! The doc gave me a couple of shots of morphine, gave me the clear and sent me back to my hotel. I proceeded through the rest of my trip – weak, but I made it and graduated (with honors I hope)!!  Allow me to give you a brief rundown of my freshman orientation at Pixar!

monsters university

My classmates arrived via a limo bus to the beautiful Pixar Campus of Monsters University. The weather was perfect, as was the campus. I was blown away at how decked out Pixar Studios was, in honor of the upcoming June 21st release of Monsters University – the prequel to Monsters Inc.
monsters university band

As we got off the bus and proceeded under the Monsters University sign, all incoming students were greeted by the MU Marching Band! So unbelievably cool! They even had a cheerleading squad!

pixar lamp
Of course, the first thing we all noticed after walking onto campus was the famous Pixar Lamp and Ball. We all squealed with that new student excitement over the adventures that would unfold that day.
college flyers

The MU (Monsters University) Campus looked just about like any other typical college campus. There were some of the funniest flyers covering pillars in the quad, in addition to booths where clubs were trying to recruit new members.
mu book worm club
The clubs that caught my eye were the Book Worm Club and the Improv Club. Not sure I’d be bold enough to be witty and clever on the spot, but it sure sounded like fun! I like to be witty and clever in my own time and way – not when someone else is telling me to be! lol The books that the Book Worm Club were featuring sure did look appealing!

mu freshman registration

After all of the initial excitement of actually arriving at Monsters University and passing through the quad, it was time to register. This was probably the most exciting school registration I have ever experienced. The class schedule wasn’t nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. I’ll share more on that later.

Emily Lyon

You better believe it – I got an official student id for Monsters University! This is me post-accident, but hey, I was hangin’ in there! Luckily real whiplash takes a couple of days to set in. I mean who else has a first day of school story as memorable as mine??

I snapped a picture with two of the coolest kids on campus, picked out which sorority I wanted to be a part of, and got ready for classes. It was a fantastic day and can’t wait to share more with you!

For now, I have a special surprise! The official Monsters University Theatrical Trailer is being released today and you get to be among the first to preview it. Check it out below and be sure to see the movie when it releases on June 21, 2013!

While my trip was provided free of charge, all opinions expressed are my own.

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