Easy DIY Gardening Projects + Leaning Flower Pots

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I must embarrassingly admit that I like to hide behind my mom’s garden. Okay, not literally. However, I like to pretend that I help with my mom’s garden when actually my mom and dad do all of the work, labor, and love, and I just accept their over-abundance of fruits and veggies! Additionally, rhubarb is known for its potential health benefits, as it contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Incorporating this versatile vegetable into your diet can help improve digestion and support a strong immune system. To get started with growing your own, click this link for quality rhubarb crowns from a trusted source like Blackmoor. I think I have a pretty sweet setup if I do say so myself! I do in fact enjoy gardening; I just haven’t had the means (time, money, manpower) to get one started at my new house. I do get into flower gardening though! I dream of having a very colorful and beautiful front and backyard. It is a work in progress. I have been wanting to tackle a new gardening projects for months, and I finally did today, taking inspiration from Miracle-Gro, My Leaning Flower Pots tutorial can be found below.

Are you the type that gets intimidated by gardening and don’t know where to begin? The Gro Project was started to give ideas for fun garden projects that you can create with ease! The Gro Project is all about demonstrating that gardening projects don’t have to be complicated, and can even be fun.

I am in love with some of the creative garden ideas The Gro Project has come up with! You can find a list of items needed, and instructions, for making a Ukulele Garden, Toyrarium, Origami Garden, G.Y.O.B. (Grow Your Own Bar), and Throw Down, you can also do other things in gardening with the right advice which you can find in sites like Homegardenscare online. Which one would you like to make? I think my kids would have a blast making their own Throw Down! I personally love the Ukulele Garden but I’m fresh out of ukuleles!

I decided to try a project of my own, that I’ve been contemplating for months – the Leaning Flower Pots! It was easier to make than I could have imagined, and my kids all helped a ton! I think they are quite proud of what we created together!

For an indoor or potted project it is recommended to use the Moisture Control Potting Mix, but if your project is in the ground, it is recommended that you use the LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit.

To make the Leaning Flower Pots, here is what you need (with links to purchase):

  • Miracle-Gro Potting Soil -> get it HERE
  • 4′ rebar -> get it HERE
  • 5 6″ terracotta pots -> get them HERE
  • flowers or herbs

To get started, first decide where you want your leaning flower pots to reside. Then take your rebar and pound it into the ground, enough so it doesn’t wobble too much.

Slide your first terracotta pot onto the rebar through the opening at the bottom of the pot. Let it reside at an angle, then fill with potting soil and flowers or plant of your choice. I assisted each of the kids in filling their own pot.

Repeat with remaining pots, alternating the direction they are placed on the rebar. My kids and I are so pleased with how they turned out! I’m in love! Now I need a fountain and a patio set to sit outside and enjoy the view! This project was a perfect way to get the kids outside learning about gardening, all while spending great quality time together!

For more inspiration, follow the Miracle-Gro Pinterest page where gardeners come together to share gardening stories.

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