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Tahoe’s Granlibakken and Women’s Wellness Conference

November was a lovely month of travel for me. Life had been pretty hairy so as a family we decided to have a weekend getaway and head to North Tahoe’s Granlibakken hotel. As I have mentioned in previous travel posts, my kind of family travel is when we have a house, condo or hotel room that is large enough to call home for the duration of our trip. I love when there are enough beds to sleep everyone and there is a living space to hang out and enjoy one another’s company. Having a kitchen to prepare some of our own meals is a bonus. The Granlibakken provided all of this and more!

Granlibakken Townhome

When my family arrived at Granlibakken we were so excited. The property is quite large with activities on-site. The moment we opened the door to our condo, the kids squealed and ran through to find their rooms for the weekend. I loved the living room, complete with fireplace and flat screen tv. While we didn’t spend a lot of time lounging around watching television, this was definitely a relaxing room to hang out in before bed each night. The kitchen was complete with everything needed to prepare any meals.

Granlibakken Bedrooms

The rooms had their own rustic charm and definitely enough space to sleep everyone! My twins had their own room, as did my oldest and my youngest. Each room was complete with it’s own television. Boy did the kids love that! For the first time ever, we allowed them to fall asleep watching TV and I must admit, it was kind of nice!

Because the Granlibakken is set right in the trees not far from the lake, there is much to do and see in nature. The kids and their dad went for many little walks and excursions while I attended parts of the Women’s Wellness Conference.

Nutritionist Presentation

Hosted right on-site, the conference was fantastic. There were many great speakers to help empower and strengthen women from all over. Most meals were included and there were a couple of craft and wellness type of fairs in between sessions. I discovered many great products and techniques, and even picked up a cute purse for my daughter which was handmade in Nepal.

My favorite speaker and session was by far the one led by Nutritionist Jill Whisler. She was hilarious and gave me so many great things to think about when meal planning. Dieting and eating right has been a challenge for me over the past couple of years and I loved everything she had to say. I really took away some useful tricks for meal planning.

Granlibakken Swimming Pool and Hot Tub
With a heated pool year-round, the kids had a blast swimming and shivering near the snow. I loved coming out from sessions to find them playing on the tennis courts or hanging out by the pool. It really was a lovely weekend. I almost forgot to mention the in-site spa! I didn’t get to take advantage of this on this trip but next time….Stay tuned to hear about the ziplining excursion we took the boys on, right in Granlibakken’s backyard!

The Women’s Wellness Conference for 2014 will once again be hosted by Granlibakken and will be held November 8 & 9th.

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  • What a nice getaway! Sounds like y’all had fun! I love little getaways because the memories made are priceless. Even if we don’t do anything extravagant, the kids enjoy being at hotels and making memories together. Good times!

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