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More Time Partying & Less Time Nagging with Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper

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Cottonelle Triple Roll Toilet Paper

The kids are home from school making messes throughout the house as if they are a tornado, mom is running around like a mad woman trying to get the house spotless, the perfect foods prepped and cooked for company, and dad is working late. Sound familiar to anyone? Wait, there’s more. As the doorbell rings for your first guest of the evening to arrive, you race into the guest bathroom to make sure everything is in order. But is it? Of course not, because there is toothpaste all over the sink and counter, and the kids have once again used up all the toilet paper. Sure, the grown-ups used their share, but what about the wads of wasted toilet paper that are found in the sink, bathtub, garbage, and of course the unflushed remnants in the toilet? Am I getting warmer?

Cottonelle Toilet Paper

The picture I just painted has been the story of my life on so many occasions. I’m sure I’m not alone either. The guest bathroom seems to get attention last, but I try to always check it before letting someone into my home. I’d hate to be the host with the nasty bathroom that people fear using. Getting things picked up doesn’t take long because it’s a fairly small bathroom, but I have a pet peeve. That pet peeve is having to change the toilet paper roll all too often! For this purpose, I have to get the really large rolls! It’s gotta be some fine tissue too, because I care about my derriere. To help all of you (and me), I recently discovered Cottonelle’s Triple Roll, and boy is it big!

Target Toilet Paper Aisle

To save myself from constantly changing the toilet paper roll, and of course the embarrassing situation of sitting on the pot and having to yell for backup, I just had to pick up a 12 pack of the Cottonelle Triple Roll bath tissue on my latest Target shopping trip. When you shop at Target for the triple roll, not only will you be saving time changing rolls, but you can save money with this coupon for a FREE box of Kleenex when you Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger (while supplies last). (Don’t click the link until you are ready to print, because it has a limit of 2 per ip address).

Cottonelle Triple Roll

So now that you can spend more time with your guests and less time yelling at the kids for using up all the toilet paper, how are you feeling? Ready to party and drink some egg nog?

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  • I have a husband and four sons who seem incapable of changing the roll even if there is more tp in the bathroom cabinet. It makes me crazy!!! It’s a 5 second job!!! This tp sounds like what I need!

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