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5 Tips to Slim Down for Spring: Including New 4 TEN Calorie DPSG Products

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5 Tips to Slim Down for Spring

Spring officially arrived last week! Have you started thinking about summer, swimming, bathing suits and shorts? If that thought scares you a bit because you aren’t where you want to be with your health and weight loss goals, then I’ve got some tips for you. No need to stress or to give up just yet. There is hope! Leanne and I were talking today about what we are doing to slim down for spring, and wanted to share with you 5 tips to slim down before the summer months hit! 

5 Tips to Slim Down for Spring

  • Get Outside – Spring is a great time to start exercising, because the weather is perfect! No gym? No excuse! Just get outside and walk or jog around the neighborhood! It burns calories, lowers sugar levels and decreases stress!
  • Lighten Up – Now that the evenings are lighter out, it is a fantastic opportunity to lighten up your evening meals. Gone are the cold winter nights and hearty meals. Save a few calories by enjoying a fresh springtime salad topped with strawberries and almonds or by grilling some chicken and asparagus on the BBQ!
  • Start a Garden – Gardening is a great way to burn calories! Lately I have been tracking my calorie burn with a heart rate monitor, and have found that for me, I burn more calories gardening for 20 minutes then I do going on a 20 minute run! Obviously this may vary from person to person, but gardening is still considered to be great exercise! Plus being outside and enjoying nature is a great stress reliever!
  • Recommit – How many of us set weight-loss goals at New Year’s? I know I did! Just because those goals have come (and probably gone) doesn’t mean that you need to give up and wait till 1/1/2015 to try again. Spring, and the fresh new life it brings is a great time to recommit to your health goals. Start today! Even if you have totally blown those New Year’s resolutions, you can start fresh today!

TEN Calorie soda

  • Swap sugary drinks – Are you a drinker of sodas and juices? Think about all the calories you drink in a day; if it is up there then try swapping your original sugary drinks for the brand new 4 TEN Calorie DPSG products. Just released at Walmart, you can find 7UP, Sunkist, A&W, Canada Dry with the same full flavor of regular soda, but with only ten calories! These are a great alternative to help you with your slimming down goals without sacrificing taste. My hope is that next they will come out with a ten calorie soda that isn’t sweetened with aspartame. Nom, nom!

5 Tips to Slim Down for Spring

As many of you already know, I began a pretty intense weight loss program two months ago. That has meant I’ve had to cut out sodas and sugar drinks, in addition to high carb foods. Sometimes I really just miss having something sweet to drink. If you find yourself in a similar bind, then give these TEN calorie DPSG products a try and see how you like it! To help you out so you can drink the new beverages out, take this printable coupon with you to Walmart, for $0.50 off of the purchase of TWO 2 Liter bottles or TWO 4-pack cans of 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Canada Dry TEN, RC TEN or Sunkist TEN soda. Offer available while supplies last, from 3/27-4/17.

5 Tips to Slim Down for Spring

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