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Four Lessons of Strength from Four Generations of Women

Read to learn the 4 lessons of strength that I have learned from my mother and grandmother and hope to pass on to my daughter. Then find out how my sponsors at Viactiv Calcium soft chews is helping me to build one of those strengths and how you can enter to win some too!

4 Lessons of Strength from 4 Generations of Women

I recently had a 4 generations photo shoot done for my grandmother, mother, myself and my daughter. I felt strongly that this was something that I wanted to do for all of us, but especially for my daughter. I come from a line of very strong, independent women who have an amazing inner strength that allows them to love, nurture and strengthen everyone around them. I wanted to capture this through the photography, so that when my daughter is grown she can look at these special photos and remember the legacy of strong women that she comes from. I wanted my daughter to know of the lessons that they have taught, and the examples that have lived, so that she could choose to follow their traditions of strength.

4 Lessons of Strength from 4 Generations of Women

I think that strength comes in many different ways. My mother and grandmother have really exemplified four areas of strength to me. My grandmother shared her strength with my mother, my mother then grew to share her strength with me, and now that I have a daughter I hope to share that tradition of strength with her. These four areas are strengths that I want to live so that I can help my daughter develop them in her life.

1. Spiritual Strength- Whatever your religious beliefs or affiliations are, I think its so important to have spiritual strength. To me, this means being able to make your way through the tough times because of your hope that everything will work out for the best. My grandmother has really been an example to me of this. She has had some really difficult challenges in her life, but through each challenge she has had a great amount of faith that has seen her through to the other side.

2. Emotional Strength- Something that I remember my grandmother saying to me once is “No matter what happens to you, choose to be happy.” I have tried to remember this on days that I just want to be grouchy, because I have learned that making that choice to be happy can lead to an emotional strength that helps you deal with day to day trials easier.

3. Strength of Love- My grandmother knows how to love people with all of the strength of her heart! She shows this love by serving and helping others. Just a few days ago she told me about how she was doing laundry and other chores for a lady she knows who recently had surgery. She is dedicated to those she loves, and it shows by the things she does.

4. Physical Strength- My grandmother, age 74, is such a physically strong woman. She has lived a very clean, healthy life and it has paid off for her by the strength that she still enjoys now. She lives alone, and walks and uses public transportation to get to the store or other appointments everyday. Every year she independently travels from England to California. She always says that her strength comes from her strong healthy bones, and is always reminding me to get plenty of calcium and to make sure that my daughter gets enough calcium.

Recent studies have shown just how right my grandmother has been for all these years! Studies show that 86% of teen girls do not get enough calcium in their daily diets. Considering that 95% of bone building happens by age 20, calcium is a critical part of daily diets.

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4 Lessons of Strength from 4 Generations of Women

It made me feel good that I was building my physical strength by building healthy bones, so that I can have the physical strength to nurture and strengthen the people I love. I also felt good about giving my little girl an example of taking care of my body, by giving it the needed calcium. This is an example that I hope stays with her as she grows, especially when she enters those critical teen years.

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