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Good Food, Good Friends and Good Fun at Yuba City’s Feather River Parkway

Yesterday we took our first outing of the summer to the Feather River Parkway in Yuba City, CA. See how a fun day out with friends was made into a healthy summer picnic with the new Revolution Foods grab & go meal kits that I received for review.

Revolution Foods

Summer has just began, but here in Northern California things have already been getting hot. So for our first outing of the summer, we decided to visit the newly made Feather River Parkway with family and friends to swim and cool off at the beach area of the river.

The Feather River Parkway, located in Yuba City, California is a section of the Feather River that has been turned into a picnic and hiking area that has trail-accessible sandy beach areas. The entire area was beautiful, with paved trails that are easy to use for kids or while pushing strollers. There are many different access points that allow you to get to different small sections of sand, so while you are there, you feel as though you have your own private beach to enjoy. The sand was soft and warm and the water was so sparkling clean that you could see specks of “gold” (actually pyrite) that the kids enjoyed panning for.

Playing in the sand

The kids had a fantastic time playing and cooling off in the water. They enjoyed swimming, building sand castles, attempting to catch fish with nets and just enjoying a fun day with friends and cousins!

Catching critters in the river

The kids where having so much fun that no-one wanted to stop for lunch… Until I showed them what I had hiding in my cooler! I had stopped at BelAir and picked up some Revolution Foods Grab & Go Meal Kits for all of the kids! I had “Turkey and Cheddar” Meal Kits for the little ones and “Cheese Pizza” Meal Kits for the older kids. The kids enjoyed these tasty lunches, and the older kids loved putting the pizzas together.

Revolution Foods Pizza

The “Turkey and Cheddar” Meal Kits included some turkey slices, cheddar cheese slices and whole wheat crackers, while the “Cheese Pizza” Meal Kits featured a whole wheat pizza crust, pizza sauce, and shredded mozzarella cheese. Both meal kits included a tasty 100% fruit, fruit leather snack for dessert! I took a quick bite of one and it was really delicious and refreshing!

Tots enjoying Revolution Foods Lunches

The kids all loved how fun and delicious the Revolution Foods Meal Kits where, and all of the moms loved how healthy they where for the kids! This is because, unlike other brands of lunch kits, Revolution Foods Meal Kits contain “no artificial anything”! All of the kits also contain 1 serving of fruit and humanely raised meat without antibiotics, nitrites or nitrates, cheese made from milk not treated with rBST growth hormone and at least 7 grams of whole grains per kit.

This made for a healthy lunch that gave the kids plenty of good stuff to power them up for a few more hours of water play! We enjoyed good food, good friends and a good summer outing at Yuba City’s Feather River Parkway!
A tot looking over the river
Be sure to visit Revolution Foods to learn more about their line of meal kits as well as to access their store locator to find a place locally to buy them!


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  • I didn’t realize you were in Yuba City. I grew up outside of Oroville (up the Feather River Canyon in Berry Creek). Even though I love Oregon, I have fond memories and miss CA. Looks like your family had fun 😉

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