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5 Little Extras to Make Your Next Camping Trip Extra Magical

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5 Little Extras to Make Your Camping Trip
We just got back from our annual family camping trip! It’s always so much fun to get out in nature and to watch my kids run around and have the best times with their cousins. It’s such a great time full of laughter and memories!

This year we decided to pack a few little extras that made our time camping trip even more magical for the kids. They worked like a charm! The kids all had a completely amazing time and have been talking non-stop about all of their memories on our overnight camping trip. Here is what we brought:

1. Cheap flashlights: Every year the kids always want to be the one holding the flashlight. So this year we decided to get each child his or her own flashlight. The kids loved taking them on night hikes and making spooky faces with them. Classic fun!

Spooky Faces

2. Glow sticks: What’s more fun then a little extra glow when your in the dark? We passed out glow sticks and let the kids’ imaginations go wild with fun glow creations.

Camping with Family
3. Fairy House Treats: One afternoon we told the kids the “legend of the woodland fairies”. As legend has it, fairies happen to live in the exact woods that we where camping in! What luck! Many say that if you build the fairies a little house out of sticks and rocks, they will thank you by leaving a little treat outside. Our kids made some fantastic houses for the woodland fairies and kept checking all evening to see if they had left any treats. Right after they returned from their night hike the kids where all surprised to find a little bag of candy outside of the entrance of each fairy house!


4. Camp Journals: Every afternoon we brought out some notebooks, crayons and stickers for the kids to create a camp journal. They wrote and drew pictures about all of their adventures camping. This was a great activity to provide a little “down time” for the kids and has made for a special keepsake of their trip!

Arts during Camping
5. “Magic” Sunscreen: When my kids are camping they love to just feel the freedom of running around in the forest. Nothing annoys them more then more then when I have to stop their fun by applying and reapplying sunscreen. However, as a mom, I know that a day of being in the woods needs sunscreen just as much as a day on the beach. So I found some “magic” sunscreen that has Powerstay Technology which helps the sunscreen stay on strong throughout all outdoor activities. This means less time reapplying and more time letting the kids, hike, ride bikes, and play at the lake. This sunscreen, Banana Boat® Sport Performance® Clear UltraMist® Sunscreen with Powerstay TechnologyTM, is available in SPF 15, 30, 50+ and 100. It also has a specialized light weight formula, so that all the kids feel on their skin is the breeze from the trees, and quite a bit of dirt!

With these little extras we had a truly magical camping trip. The kids are already planning for next year. To take your own magical camping trip, enter today to win a a family trip to a Treehouse Resort or other great summertime prizes in the “Best Summer Ever” Sweepstakes via the Banana Boat Facebook page.

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