Sharing Moments of Growth with my Kids and Planning for the Future

As a ScholarShare ambassador I have been asked to share precious moments with my kids and how I’m planning for the future with the ScholarShare 529 College Savings Plan. All opinions expressed are my own. Ballet Recital Kitten My babies are growing so fast and some days I just wish I could hit the pause button. Sure there are some tantrums and meltdowns I would like to hit the fast forward button on, but there are way too many precious moments to be cherished. With a recent divorce and move away from daddy and grandparents, my kiddos have had a lot of adjusting to do in the past several months. When I take a moment to stop and ponder and reflect on our lives, and evaluate how my kids are handling everything, I am amazed at the growth and strength they have had through everything.  Ballerina Miss Bea is just 5 and she has really demonstrated some big girl stuff in the past month alone. Even though our family has had some turmoil, she stuck to her ballet classes and even performed in her first recital just last week. She was extremely nervous before the dress rehearsal, but she prayed and felt comfort all on her own. Then when it came to the night of the performance, in front of a huge crowed, she did fabulous! Miss Bea handled herself so well the whole evening. She made sure she had each of her belongings in her bag, when she was backstage, and she even remembered to give her teacher a thank you note that she’d written herself – with a little help. My girl isn’t even in kindergarten yet, but she is doing some very grown-up things.  Ballet recital In the past couple of weeks, my girl has had her first weekends away with her daddy. She has been so responsible about packing all of her things in her own bag, and making sure it all came home with her. I can really see how the little things Bea is doing now is preparing her for entering the adult world. She is learning to take care of herself and keep track of her stuff. She can also be very sensitive to us parents who are going through a lot. After Bea’s ballet recital, she was given some flowers by her grandma, and she pulled one out and handed it to her daddy. Such a thoughtful and sensitive little girl I’m raising. I wish I could say it was because of the things I do, but I just don’t know. Ballerina and her mommy This girl absolutely makes me smile and warms my heart. In thinking about my kids’ future, I have also been pondering what ways I need to prepare them for saving and for college. That is where I am grateful to know about ScholarShare; California’s 529 College Savings Plan. This savings plan allows you to invest in your child’s future by starting a college savings fund for as little as $25 start up and $25 subsequent contributions per investment portfolio. With the added tax deduction benefits, a ScholarShare account is a smart way to plan for your child’s future through small moments today. Even on such occasions like a dance recital, parents could ask grandparents to take the opportunity to tuck a little something into your child’s ScholarShare account, to help with their future! What moments have you been celebrating and oohing and awing over lately, with your kids?

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  • The Beastie is growing up. I’ve always thought she was an “old soul” in a little girl body. Love Her to bits.

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