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Oh the Places We’ve Been: An Ode to Summer Vacation

A poem dedicated to summer, the time I love so well,
And how we all stayed healthy thanks to the Mom It Forward Blogger Network, and my sponsors at Purell. Oh The Places We've Been: An Ode to Summer

This summer we wanted to go near and far,
Just us and the road in my trusty old car.
We went to the aquarium that was near to the beach,
Where we touched an eel, (best described as a gross giant leach.)
We played at the beach and splashed in the waves,
Built sandcastles that my daughter smashed into sand-caves.
We camped with the family at our favorite place to go,
Where the kids got covered in dirt head to toe.


Family and friends visited our home for some good BBQ,
Because enjoying good company is just what we do.
We had some lazy days, because PJs can’t be beat,
And some swim lessons to get a break from the heat.

If it sounds picture-perfect, I’m not going to lie,
We had a few moments that made me ask “why?”
One happened today and as you can see,
Our bathroom got covered in wads of TP.


But through all the memories, the good and the bad,
We kept our hands clean during all the fun that we had.
Because getting sick, is not how we wanted our summer spent,
We took our bottle of Purell wherever we went.

Whether trips to the movies or making s’mores all night long,
We washed hands with Purell to stay healthy and strong.
Because summers all about using your hands,
To eat hotdogs, dig in dirt and play the sand.
We experienced it all, yet all stayed germ-free,
Whether we where by land or whether we where by sea.

Oh The Places We've Been: An Ode to Summer

And now as we start to long for weather that’s cool,
we have stayed happy and healthy and ready for school.
So let’s say goodbye now to summer, the pool and the lake,
With thanks to Purell we are ready for school… And Thanksgiving break!



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